iMovie Storytime

Earn: iMovie App

What is iMovie?

iMovie is an amazing and useful movie creation app on the iPad and MacBooks. It allows you to mesh together movie clips and/or pictures into a movie. iMovie allows you to present something in a more exciting way. Mr. Smith has used iMovie to make movies of books such as Fancy Nancy with Mrs. Bruton, Miss Alaineous with Mrs. Childers, The Gingerbread Baby with multiple staff members and students, and Bessie Smith and the Night Riders with Mrs. Killian.
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The Challenge

You're going to turn a book into an iMovie to be shown on broadcast.

Choose your favorite picture book. This should come from the library, so our students may check it out. If you can not think of a book to use I will be happy to assist you. I try to pick books we currently do not have movies of.

After you have chosen your book get to know it really well. Read it a few times and determine if you can make it more entertaining as a movie.


Using your camera app take a picture of the title page and each page of the book. Try to do this in an area without much glare or the picture will not be visible. Crop the pictures.

Open iMovie. If this is the first time you have used iMovie on your iPad you should see the main screen. It looks a lot like an older theater. Click the + and select New Project.

Now it is time to turn your photos into a movie. The movie creation window is divided into three main areas. Top left is the area to pull clips or photos from. The bottom is where photos are placed and audio and music are added. The top right is the preview window.
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To find the photos for your project touch the icon that looks like two squares on top of one another under the area you pull your clips and photos from. Select camera roll. To add pictures just touch the picture and it moves to the area where you put everything together. Continue adding each photo for your project in order of how the book flows.

Once all of your clips have been added you will need to increase the length of the clips. In order to do this touch the clip and let go. You should see yellow bars surrounding the clip. Drag the right bar until the clip is about 30 seconds long. You can see a time stamp of length in the preview window for the individual clip. This length insures you will have enough time to record your reading of the story.
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To record your voice press the microphone icon at the bottom right of the preview window. A sound meter box pops up. It is much easier in the long run to record one clip at a time. You are going to have to adjust the clips to your voice when you're finished recording.

To record press record on the sound meter. It will count down from 3. To stop, press stop. Do this for each clip. Have the book with you in a quiet place. Try to use character voices or excitement in your movie. Remember this will be on broadcast.

After recording on your clips you will need to adjust the clip to the size of your recording. You did this earlier with the yellow bars. Unfortunately iMovie on the iPad gets a bit finicky when adjusting clips and recordings. After shortening a clip it does not move your audio and you will have to press and hold the purple audio file and drag it where it needs to be. Take your time with it. If you delete something it can always be recorded again.
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Other Uses for iMovie

One of the last parts of editing your iMovie is adding music. In order to do this click the music icon below where the pictures come from. There are many different options in the music section. I typically use the provided theme music. You can also add sound effects if you would like. After selecting Theme Music, press the small play button to hear a preview. Press the entire clip to insert it over all of your iMovie.

After you have added music, preview your movie by going back to the beginning of all your clips and then pressing play under the preview window. If you're happy with your movie, press the icon that looks like a star on a page at the top left of the preview window. This is where you will title and share your movie. To title it press My Project and change it. To share the movie press the icon with the arrow pointing to the right. Choose Camera Roll. Choose Large or HD 720p. The larger you go the longer it will take to process.

How do I get credit?

Congratulations! You're finished! To receive your sticker let Mrs. McKee or I know you're finished. We will set up a time for your movie to be shown on broadcast.