Drawbacks of Surgery

Way to enlarge penile

Avoid Surgery and Use Penis Enlargement Pills in India

Penis enlargement surgery is an option that offers a solution for enhancement of the phallus. But using penis enlargement pills in India is better than the surgery option. The phallus can have a visual enlargement and that is just over an inch.

The surgeon will perform the surgery by cutting the upper ligaments that attach the phallus up to its usual position. This process would allow the organ to descend a bit and achieve some increase in length. Thereafter some weights or some stretching devices are then attached to the phallus for sometime like a few months. This is needed so as to affect a permanent increase in length. The severe side effect of this surgical procedure generally results in the formation of scar tissues. Another side effect will be that any erection achieved in future will be pointed downwards and the lower portion of the phallus will be hairy.

Men are generally obsessed with the size of their phallus and this is because of their egos. They feel that a bigger phallus would make them more attractive to the womenfolk and increase their status among other men. But generally women tend to find this incomprehensible that a surgery is used to increase the size of the male organs. There are actually innumerable websites, forums and blogs where people talk about the bad effects of surgery. They also suggest using penis enlargement pills in India.

The general concern about the size and the length of the phallus is not much to worry about. This is because a lot of research has proved that maximum women are not concerned about how big the phallus is or how long it is. They could not care any less regarding the size or length of the phallus of men and more so with surgery. However, using penis enlargement pills in India is much better than the surgical option.