it needs to stop

why do people bully?

People bully others because they think that it is a cool thing to do. Other reasons why people bully others is because something is bothering them. For example, they are upset about other things and take it out on the victim. People could also bully other people because

what is the consequences of bulling

Some consequences of bullying include suspension and you get grounded from your mom and dad. Bully also leads to more bullying which makes people bully a lot. People who are bullied feel sad and their days are ruined. They start crying too. People don’t want to come to school because bullies are there and they don’t like bullies and school.

Why is Bullying Bad?

Bullying is a bad thing because it can hurt others. Bullying can hurt their feelings. It is also bad because bullying can make you get suspended. If you get suspended you won’t get to learn or do stuff. If you are bullied, you could feel sad and it would ruin your day.