Room 604 News

May 9 - 13


I am ONE LUCKY TEACHER! I am very grateful for all of your contributions of classroom supplies, flowers, coffees, gift cards, thoughtful notes from parents and students, and more..... thank you, THANK YOU for making me feel appreciated. I was spoiled all week long.


Homework will be light to none during testing. I would prefer well rested and protein fed students who are stress free. If something is not finished in class, that will result in finishing up at home, but nothing will be assigned. ***Work on the science fair project and read for pleasure.

Please have students bring their own ear buds/ear phones for the 7 days of testing. We have extras for students who forget or don't have their own, but it's nicer/cleaner for them to have their own in class ~ everyday for that matter (I'm a little of a germ weirdo and wouldn't want to share personally).

*****All students will need to have a book in class for reading silently while others complete the daily test.

We have Science Garden this week. If you have volunteered to help, I will be sending you an email, if I haven't already.

Open House is Thursday, May 19. Please come in and see our classroom with your child as your tour guide.

A committee is beginning to prepare for the end of the year fifth grade celebration being held on June 22 from 9 - 12. If you are able to donate $10 towards the party food/costs, please do so by

Language Arts

Testing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

We will finish "Tarantula in My Purse" this week.

We will be working on a poetry unit for display at Open House during the next week and a half.


I will be focusing on graphing this week prior to testing.

Testing Thursday & Friday.


Garden week ~ yay!

My "test prep" review for the week will focus on the rock cycle and Mohr's Hardness Scale.

Keep working on science fair projects. Hopefully the experiment is finished and the students are working on their data, results, and conclusions pages. The written portion of the project (google docs/classroom), as well as the tri-fold display board are BOTH due on Monday, May 16.

Social Studies

We will take a brief break from Social Studies content this week as we test and prepare for Open House.