Mysterious murders in Pottawatomie

Who did this and why?

What is the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was a act made to repeal the Missouri Compromise and to also open up new territories to slavery. This act started the Republican Party, made by the northerners. The main reason for this party was to stop the slave power. The people who were involved in this act were Stephan Douglas, James Gadsden, and Jefferson Davis.

May 24th tragedy

A tragic event happened last night on May 24th. John Brown and some other New Englanders came to Pottawatomie Creak and killed men. I witnessed 3 people get murdered but there were 5 townsmen that were killed that night. This murder was something that happened so randomly and will be remembered for a long time. I heard around that what sparked John to do this was that the townspeople were antislavery men