by: Grace Marek

About Jerry Brown (the governor)

He was born in April on the 7, 1938.

He attended to high school St.Ignatius High School and Graduated in 1955.

In 1960, he left the society of Jesus and enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley.

Jerry recived his B.A. degree in Classics the next year the entered Yale Law school, where he graduated in 1964.

Always following the law, Brown worked as a law clerk at the California Supreme court, traveled and studided in Mexico, and Latin America and then took up residence in Los Angeles.

Jerry Brown was elected to the Los Angeles Community Collage Board of Trustees, placing first in a field of 124 .

In 1970, he was elected for secratary of the state.

Jerry was elected Governor in 1974 and relected in 1978, by a margine of 21%.

the population of the state

Do you know the population of California?

I do, it is...

38.04 Million

About The Earthquakes in California

The San Andreas fault line, it runs 810 miles allong the California coast line, from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The type of fault is a strike-slip fault, which means that Los Angeles which is on th left side of the fault an San Francisco which is on the right side of the fault, making the two cities heading towards each other at a very slow pace. The USGS or the U.S. Geological Survey estimates that in a half million years San Francisco and Los Angeles will be right next to each other.

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Some Fun Facts About California

did you know the gold rush is taken place in California?

also did you know that there are 478 cities in California?

more Turkeys are raised more than any other state in the U.S.

The Holly Wood bowl is the world's largest outdoor emphitheater.

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That Is The California Flag

My Father

My father was born in Saugus. California which is a suburb of Valencia, Southern California. He lived most of his life in Los Angeles, California. He survied many Earthquakes like the 7.0 magnatude North Ridge Earthquake which leveled half of the San Fernando valley in the county of Los Anegeles it was so violent that my dad's bed flipped over and he was thrown in to his dresser at 4 am, only to be scrambling down a twisting hallway of broken pictureframe glass with bare feet. He also spent most of his time at the Santa Monica Beach. My father Brought my mom to his home town and she was not a fan of the Los Angeles traffic. She was in Southern California visiting my family when she called my father to tell him that she was pregnet with me! ;)

What are some of the California's symbols?

The state animal is the grizzly bear like shown on the flag.

The state bird is the California quail.

The state colors are blue and yellow.

The state flower is the poppy flower.

And the state fossil is the saber-toothed cat