Jesse Owens

By:Jeremiah Maxam

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Jesse Owen is an famous track athlete he's the first black person to be track runner. Jesse lived up to the age of 66 born septmber12-1913 march 31-1980.He was 5'10. Sad to know he was buried in Oak wood cemetery. He learned at Ohio state university his wife was Minnie Ruth Solomon and his parents are Henry Cleveland Owens and mother is Mary Emma Fitzgerald.

He was the youngest of 10 children three boys and 7 girls. In 1930 Owen arrived in berlin to compete for the united states at the summer Olympics. August 3, he won the 100m sprint with a time of 10.3 seconds Jesse Owens met Minnie at Fairmount junior high school

in Cleveland Jesse was 15 and Minnie was 13 . They had birth to their first daughter Gloria in 1932 then to two more daughters Marlene and Beverly .

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