Weekly News for Room 205

Ms. Howey's Class

October 5-9, 2015

  • Our students will be participating in the Trombly Terrier Trot this Friday, October 9th! The PTO is challenging each student to raise $50 (or more) in pledges. This fundraiser run will help raise money for our school and activities. Donations are due by October 16th. Don't forget to wear your running shoes on Friday!

  • We are kicking off "Socktober" this week! With the coming colder weather, our class is trying to help people in need by collecting pairs of new socks! Socktober was started 4 years ago by Kid President and his brother, Brad. We'll be collecting socks all month long! Our goal is to collect 419 pairs, to donate to needy families. Collection bins are by the office and our room. Thanks in advance!!

  • Picture Day is this Friday, October 9th.

  • The Global Read Aloud begins this week, we'll be reading Lynda Mullaly Hunt's, "Fish in a Tree". Over the course of the book, we'll be connecting with classes around the country (outside the country?) and right here in GP to discuss the book. We'll use Skype, Twitter and our blog. Please ask your child about what is happening in our story!

  • Pringles Challenge Update: We mailed our pkgs. to VA, now we wait for their packages to arrive and for them to receive ours! We'll Skype to open the packages live!

  • Spelling test on Friday 10/9.

  • Things to ask your child about: Pringles Challenge Blog, Trombly Terrier Trot, GRA, Socktober, Marshmallow Challenge .
  • Thank you for supporting your child's reading growth by making sure that they get plenty of practice, at least 20 minutes per night. We will be transitioning to a class blog in the coming weeks, stay tuned for more info.

  • I appreciate our parents continuing to sign the planners nightly.

  • Remember...together we’re better!
Sincerely, Susan Howey
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Hello Internet! It's #SOCKTOBER! Love, Kid President

Designing our Pringles Packages

Marshallow Challenge- Design/Enginnering Challenge

Just about every group agreed that they all made the same assumption about this challenge. Ask your child what that assumption was!:) Great teamwork and perseverance was shown by all!
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