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June 2021

What a year!

Dear Families,

We are in the final stretch and “finish strong” part of our year! Sometimes this last month feels like there is not enough time to get everything done- I would encourage your family to focus on all the great accomplishments and growth that you all worked so hard for this year. One way to help with this reflection will be during our Celebration of Learning Virtual event and community parade! Be watching for links to share in the fun (assembly videos!), learning (virtual work share!) and we hope to see you along our parade route. This route will be sent out to all families and will go through some of our LWES neighborhoods.

We started this year with a book called Sticks by Diane Alber. In this book a popsicle goes through many challenges, is a part of something new and at the end of the book reflects, “He made some true friends and beautiful tree art, and learned it’s never too late to have a fresh start.” I feel like this has been a beautiful start with my first year at Lake Wilderness, despite the challenges the Covid pandemic gave us and I look forward to meeting new friends and the feeling of a fresh new start each year. Our fresh start for 2021-22 will include a full regular day. We are currently using health guidance to plan for our classroom space, lunch space and recess area. More information to come, but we are looking forward to being all under one roof next year. As we close this year and look to next, know we choose kind not only in our hearts but in our actions. See our school’s mission commitments for KIND- as we all commit to learning and growing. I hope your family enjoys the last weeks of school and summer break!

Upcoming Dates:

May 28 No School- inclement weather make-up day

May 31 Memorial Day- No school

June 3 Supply Pick up with field day and parade goodies included!

June 8 and 9 5th grade experience online and hybrid

June 10 Celebration of Learning- Virtual links, virtual assembly and community parade from 3:30-4:30- see info below

June 14 and 15 Online and Hybrid field days- see information below

June 18 Last day of school, Bubble Goodbyes for ALL students and tech return- see information below

Late August Class placement shared

September 1 First Day of School 1st through 5th

September 1-3 Family connections/orientations

September 7 Kindergarten starts

With Gratitude,

Melanie Ready


Technology Return

Dear Families,

Please review the following information if your family is currently borrowing a Chromebook and/or hotspot from the Tahoma School District.

  • Students attending in person will return their device(s) to their classroom teacher on Friday, June 18.
  • Students attending remotely will return their device(s) on Monday, June 21, or Tuesday, June 22, at one of four locations.
  • Families can return devices to ANY location below on Monday or Tuesday, regardless of which school their student attends. (If you are returning a device at an elementary location but you also have loaned devices for your middle or high school students, you are welcome to return those at the locations below, as well).
  • Families need to return their Chromebook, charger and/or hotspot during these times.

Lake Wilderness Elementary: Monday, June 21, anytime between 7-11 a.m.

Glacier Park Elementary: Monday, June 21, anytime between 12-4 p.m.

Tahoma Elementary: Tuesday, June 22, anytime between 7-11 a.m.

Cedar River Elementary: Tuesday, June 22, anytime between 12-4 p.m.

NOTE: Shadow Lake and Rock Creek are unable to hold dropoff events due to construction. Middle and high school families: Your building staff will send information about returning devices to you directly.

Thank you,

Tahoma Communications Office

Supply Pickup dates for June

We will see you at Supply Pickup between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on June 3!

Please stop by the office to pick up supplies starting the following day if you are unable to attend our Thursday event.

Please remember to hang your placard in the rearview mirror as you pull around so we can easily view your number.

June 18 Bubble Goodbye!

We have a Lake Wilderness tradition of sending our students off to summer with a "bubble goodbye" on the last day of school, and we've found a way to continue this fun and meaningful tradition for all of our 2020-2021 Wildcats!

Virtual Students:

Drive through the pickup loop on June 18 1:45-2:30 to see your virtual teachers cheering you on with bubbles and music on the last day of school this year! This is a great time to bring any special items for your teachers, and share an in-person and safe final celebration together.

*June 17 Supply Pickup has been cancelled

Hybrid Students:

See your hybrid teachers cheering you on with bubbles and music on the last day of school as you exit for your session!

Big picture
Big picture

Covid and Attestation Reminders

We’re grateful for everything that you’re doing to help keep our students and staff members healthy and safe.

With the recent uptick in cases, health officials have emphasized that it’s important to have our classroom windows and doors open whenever possible because this increases ventilation and reduces the risk of transmission of COVID-19. This has allowed us to avoid quarantine in a number of cases. Because our weather is changing often, we are encouraging everyone attending in person to wear layers.

Please partner with us by being thoughtful and considerate to our community and schools when completing the daily health screening. Students should remain at home and not attend school or activities when sick, even if the symptoms are mild. If you have any questions about symptoms or exposure, please contact our building nurse or your student’s health care provider for assistance.

Are you going on vacation sans kids? Lucky you! A reminder that daily student attestation surveys MUST be filled out! Please notify your daycare person, relative or family your student will be staying with. Your options are to do the survey from your vacation each morning on time, forward the survey email to the daycare person OR get a paper form filled out and have your student bring it to school with them EACH day. The paper forms are available from the Main Office. We appreciate your help ensuring your student is cleared each day on time so their learning time is not impacted.

Library Corner

Library notices will be coming home in the next supply pick up if your child is attending remote or from your child's teacher if they are attending hybrid. Please look for these books and return them to the school. You can return them to your teacher if you are a hybrid student and you can return them at supply pick up if you are a remote student.

This is Memorial Day

This is Memorial Day

In our land of the free.

It's because of those who sacrificed

Whose graves you're here to see.

They fought on foreign lands

And across the open sea,

And paid the ultimate price

To keep you and I free.

So put all things aside

And honor this important day,

Which we have dedicated

As our Memorial Day

-LTC Ret. Samel Lombardo

Food Service

For those families remaining virtual, just a reminder that we have curbside meal service at Tahoma High School.

Mid-day pick up 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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6th Grade Orientation

Attention current 5th grade students. MVMS will be having their 6th grade orientation, "WEB Day," on Tuesday, August 31. More information will be communicated to families in August. Stay tuned!

Field Day Hybrid schedule and Remote schedule

Plan for hybrid students: Modified Field Day here at school June 14th and 15th.

· Teachers will stay with their class during field day and rotate through the stations with them. *We are unable to have parent volunteers

· On June 14th, “Virtual Field Day Week” will post as the final PE lesson with field day activities students can do at home during the last week of school in addition to the on campus experience scheduled below.

· Schedule will be out soon for June 14th, and 15th.

Plan for remote students:

· June 3rd Distribution: Students will receive an Otter pop, Sidewalk Chalk and Field Day Ribbon in their bag. Please remind students to put the otter pop in their freezer and wait for further instructions. The remote teachers will schedule a time/day for their class to eat their otter pops together to celebrate the end of the year.

· On June 7th virtual field day will go home for parents/students to look over and gather equipment if they want to.

· On June 14th, “Virtual Field Day Week” will post as the final PE lesson with field day activities students can do at home during the last week of school.

37 Annual Bear Run at Lake Wilderness Park

Join students and staff from all over Tahoma School District for the 37th Annual Bear Run at Lake Wilderness Park on July 10th. This run benefits the Tahoma High School Distance Running Programs.

There is always a competition amongst the campuses to see who can get the most students from their respective campus to sign up for the run. The campus with the most signups gets the honor of “welcoming/hosting” the XC Bear/Mascot on their campus for a year (or until the next Bear Run event). Currently the “Trophy Bear” is hanging out at CRES – but I know there’s at least a couple campuses who would LOVE to get their hands (back) on him!

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Remember that daily attendance is important whether you are remote or hybrid! Please contact the main office by phone or email to excuse any absences (425)413-3500. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Lake Wilderness Summer Hours

We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing summer. If you need to reach the office see below for our Summer Office Hours.

June - office open until June 25, Hours 8-3

June 28-August 6 - office closed

August 9-31, Hours 8-3

August 26 - Office tentatively closed for staff training

Beginning September 1, Hours 8-4