Locke and Hobbes

Comparing the Political Philosophies of Locke and Hobbes


John Locke's main idea was that the government has a moral role in a community to protect its well-being. Also, Hobbes also believed that people obtain knowledge starting from a "clean slate" as a newborn, all through the five senses which influences that person's overall intellect. Thomas Hobbes's main idea was that absolute monarchy was the best form of government and that the universe can be explained solely by interactions and moving bodies.

The idea that most impacted the development of modern government in the western civilization was John Locke's idea. The reason this is true is because most of what the current U.S government lives by originates in what John Locke has claimed for both political and metaphysical philosophies. Thomas Hobbes had some relevant points, but the most practical ideas that we use today are from John Locke.