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Term 2 Week 7 - New Resources

Added to - Snapshot of 21st Century Learning

This week I have streamlined my site to reduce "clunkiness".

The main restructuring occurred in New Curriculum - English.

Maths has also received a "facelift"!

Planning an English unit of work - Catholic Education Services - Cairns

Maths Syllabus unpacked - Sharon Tooney -Just incase you mised it last week

Lizzie Chases - Shortlisted Picture Book Task activities

Create interactive timelines using Time Toast

Record student voices using Vocaroo

Aboriginal Studies Resources

Create 3d books to embed in you blog

Remove backgrounds in photos online using Clipping Magic

Transfer file apps - ipad to computer

Create slideshows using 30 Hands

Drawing Pad app - students can create great pictures using just the right amount of tools

Maths Calculation Videos - Excellent, students explaining processes

Illuminations - Online Maths activities/lesson plans

Create an easy Multi-media Story Book

Spelling Apps

Fraction Wall App

Maths Worksheets

Copacabana PS - Maths iPad Apps

Maths New Curriculum Main Page - Updated