Señora McNeil's Grade Update & News

February 5* Spring, 2014*Vol.2

Grades Have Been Updated

Grades for this deadline have been updated. All work that was submitted by Tuesday, February 4th has been graded. Remember, work can be submitted late until Friday, February 7th. Work submitted on Wednesday, February 5th will receive a 10% deduction. Each day after that, an extra 10% will be deducted from the grade that is earned on an assignment or quiz.

A Note About Accommodations

Many students receive accommodations through GaVS. Please note that these newsletters (and grade update emails) go to all students. Likewise, failing phone calls go out to all students, regardless of accommodations. If you have a due date extension due to accommodations, zeros are entered and your grade replaces the zero when the work is submitted.

Class Announcements