perth city glass

---Individually Manufactured, Custom Made Glass Products---

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work roles

  • robe maker-
  1. put plastic seal around edge.
  2. put aluminium around edge.
  3. put wheels and stops on top and bottom.
  • glass cuter-
  1. measure glass.
  2. cut glass.
  3. run glass.
  4. cut vinyl.
  5. write info from ticket on glass.
  • sweeping floor-
  1. sweep the dirt in a pile.
  2. pick up with dustpan and brush.
  3. put dirt in bin.
  • tacking apart robe doors-
  1. drill out pop rivets.
  2. put wheels and tops on bin.
  3. put aluminium in bin.
  4. cut glass in half then put in glass bin.
  • putting box of glass on rack-
  1. attach chain to crane.
  2. put chains around top and bottom of box.
  3. lift box with crane move over rack.
  4. bring glass down on rack.
  5. cut metal and plactic off box.
  6. take box of lean glass on rack.

major tasks

  1. cutting the glass
  2. making the robes
  3. operating the cranes

skills developed

  • communication
  • teamwork

positive aspects

  • chucking the glass in the bin
  • using the cutting tools

negative aspects

  • to much pressure on getting job done right
  • jobs are very repetitive

career pathway

at first i thought it was the pathway i wanted, but then i released i wanted to try other pathways.