English Baby


Have fun with these NEW songs about colours...

I See Something Blue | Colors Song for Children
I See Something Pink | Colors Song | Super Simple Songs
These colour songs are great fun to sing and play in the car, on the bus, in a waiting room at the doctor's etc

Don't forget to sing about the other colours too...




Light blue



Rainbow song - from the Kid's Box Level 1 interactive DVD

I have a pet song

And continuing our work about animals... the song I have a pet.

'Pet' in english means animale domestico!

I Have A Pet | Animal Song | Super Simple Songs

make pet crafts

lots of ideas on pinterest!

Buy English books

If you would like to buy some English books, please contact me I can order Usborne books for you. These books are very beautiful, high quality and children love them.

Not all of the titles are available in Italy so please contact me and I can get them for you.

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Bye Bye! See you soon!