Guernsey College of FE Weekly Newsletter Issue 51


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Welcome to ENGAGE

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There is no two ways about it. The workload is high, expectations are high and desire to do the right thing for our learners is high too. This means we also need to keep the morale high.

“10 reasons to be cheerful” section of Engage, encourages you to nominate what makes you feel cheerful at the College. What keeps you going when the going gets tough? We will publish these weekly to cheer us all up.

  1. It’s Friday!

  2. Payday for Mickey Ashworth (a student)

  3. Adam’s son is 2 today!

  4. Not raining and its my parents 55th wedding anniversary. ( paul Davies)

  5. Chocolate from students for staff

  6. New to 100% attendance at the 14 tutorial sessions this week.

  7. Half term is looming

  8. Not depressed anymore as I have this job I love

  9. Help from staff and my teachers ( a group of students)

  10. It is 70 days until Christmas!


for future reference all sessions will be held in the following locations on the following days:

Thursdays:- LOC Flexi Centre, Coutanchez Room 102, Delancey Room D7

Wednesdays:- LOC Room 107, Coutanchez Room 103, Delancey Room D7

Fridays:- LOC Flexi Centre, Coutanchez Room 103, Delancey Room 108

Marketing Request Form

If you have a need for any marketing materials including brochures, web pages, adverts, posters, social media campaign imagery or any other marketing jobs you need to complete the following form.

There is 4 weeks notice for all jobs except for social media requests which require one week notice. Before placing a request be sure to discuss your request and agree it with your Faculty Director , Head of LSS or Director of Operations.

Click here to complete the Marketing Request Form: http://form.jotformeu.com/form/52743824060351

Who's Who!

We are looking to put a Who’s Who section on My CFE in the near future which I am sure you will find helpful. In order to help us have this publication produced you are all asked to complete this short form with information about yourself that we can then edit and use to produce the College’s Who’ Who document. http://form.jotformeu.com/form/52463061053345

Great opportunities...

I represented the college at the HE and FE show 2015 this week. Our College was mentioned at the key note speech by the Chief Executive of the Association of Colleges and an open invite extended for UK Colleges to visit the College as we develop our new approaches to providing a more customer focused service and a learner focused curriculum. The event was a great opportunity to network and I came away with some new contacts from UK that we will be following up as we enter the next phase of our review of the College structure.

UK Colleges are facing huge financial cuts over the next 5 years with many struggling to cope with the government agenda on mega Colleges and area reviews. I am certain that we will benefit from keeping up to date with the developments in the UK and we will keep abreast on the impact that this may have in our plans for the future.

One thing was very clear to me whilst visiting various stands and meeting with various colleagues at this event. Guernsey College has every opportunity to be leading on many world class research and practice and we should not miss out in reaching way above our weight in terms of leading in some of these areas. The flexibility and autonomy that we have, being in Guernsey away from the UK government policy empowers us to do so and we will be keen to work on some key projects in this regard and showcase and present some of the excellent practices at our College nationally in future conferences.

I would like to thank those of you who made suggestions as to how we can recognise the work of our colleagues at the College. To this end we have created a PRIDE prize draw that will take place once a month.

Colleagues and students will be encouraged to nominate individuals who demonstrate our values in action by:

  • Putting Students first

  • Rewarding relationships

  • Inspiring people

  • Delivering excellent service

  • Exceeding expectations

A short nomination form has been created that you can access here: https://form.jotformeu.com/52741662353354

We are also creating a Pride Perk Box at each campus. These will be located at each reception. Go and have a look at what you can choose to give to a colleague who works and lives at our College with PRIDE! If you have ideas on what to put in the Pride Perk Box let us have them. From a thank you card to chocolates to bananas or a free Indian head massage there will be something to choose from.

We are also keen to get staff more active so there will be a “Let’s get physical” initiative coming soon. Again ideas on how we can use sports and activities to battle stresses at work are most welcome. I am kick starting this initiative by having “Walk and Talk meetings”. From next week if you wish to have a meeting with me, Louise or John consider if it can be done in a Walk and Talk style. These are short 20 mins meetings that can take place at Delancey or LOC using the recreational grounds for a bit of a brisk walk and some fresh air. If you can think of ways that you can do your day to day activities in a way that it is more physically active - share your ideas. As always send your thoughts and suggestions to future@gcfe.net

Last but not least my thanks to colleagues who are actively taking part in the Your Schools/Your Choice consultation (https://ysyc.east-harbour.com/) If you have not registered or are not taking part this will be an opportunity missed to have your say. Please be active, there are also forums that you can register to join.

Exciting times ahead for the Education on our Island and I hope that you all take pride and take part in shaping the future of education in our Bailiwick.

I wish you a restful weekend.

Saboohi Famili

Chief Executive and Principal


College news: The week that was!

Laptop loans... and more!

Heather and Rachel in the library are now all set up for laptop loans. Please see the attached procedure: https://www.scribd.com/doc/284178392/Laptop-Lending-Procedure-for-Users if you’d like to borrow laptops from any College site. We also lend out other tech for learning, including GoPro cameras, Zoom Q4 cameras, and laptop microphones. Please get in touch if you need to know more.

News from BICS Faculty

BTEC Business were fortunate to have a visit from Jon Buckland. He shadowed Irene Oksen for the morning on Thursday and got stuck into BTEC Business with year 2. For the morning session he participated in a lively debate about where the government should spend £30 billion and helped students explore a new perspective. During lunch Jon met with other members of staff and listened to the perspective of the lecturers. Email from Jon:

Dear Irene - many thanks for taking the time to host my visit to the CFE this morning it was really enjoyable and very helpful for me to understand the challenges you face and the work environment you operate within.

It is so important that we hear the youth voice.

Once again thank you


Jazmin Le Prevost / Paralegal and Thomas Cutts-Watson/ solicitor come in and delivered a Mooting session for the BTEC Business Year 1 learners. The session involved a lively debate about whether a Jaffa Cake is a Cake or a biscuit. The students were also given the opportunity to take part in the Collas Crill Mooting competition against Ladies College, Elizabeth College and Grammar School.

The learners who will be representing GCFE in the Moot are: Mischa Van Bosche, Jack Hetherington, Caris Eker, Harriett Stillwell, and Miles Penney. We are very proud of them representing the College!

News from LSS

Swimarathon: a big thank you and well done to the college team that represented at the Skipton Swimarathon at the weekend. Hazel did a fantastic job of rallying the troops and was instrumental in the success of the fundraising efforts.

GuernseyMind conference on Mental Health Stigma: Staff from LSS and beyond attended the Gala dinner on Wednesday evening this week and were privileged to hear the inspirational, courageous and very honest speech from guest speaker Gareth Thomas. The former Welsh Rugby International spoke of his own mental health challenges and identified steps that are needed to raise awareness and tackle the stigma of mental health issues.

Staff netball: the challenge has been laid down!!! A couple of the secondary schools have formed mixed staff netball teams and they are gunning for us. We are going to set up some initial training to see what interest (and talent!) we have to take them on. Dig out your dapper bags in preparation!

Staff at the Guernsey Mind Gala dinner with Tall, Athletic, Bald, 41yr old, Welsh Sporting Legend.....and Gareth Thomas!

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The Startup Guernsey Small Business Challenge

The second year Level 3 Business Studies students are taking part in the “Startup Guernsey Small Business Challenge”. The students are working in small groups to develop an idea for a new business that they will start and run with funding and support from Startup Guernsey. At the end of the project the groups that have used their seed capital to make the most profit will be competing to be crowned Startup Champion 2016 and will have the chance to tell their story at a celebratory event.

This week all of the groups presented their initial ideas and outlined why they think their business has the potential to become the next big thing. I was impressed by the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of the teams and look forward to a very exciting competition. As many of the groups will be creating and selling their own unique products you will probably have a chance to see what they are up in person over the next few weeks!

Calling all ambitious, motivated, go-getters!

This week the Enterprise Academy has launched a recruitment drive to select its first student project management team. We would like to recruit a select group of motivated and ambitious students from across the College to form the student Enterprise team.

They will have the opportunity to help plan and deliver a wide range of exciting projects from all areas of the College and will have an enviable chance to develop their own essential skills.

This is a role that would suit students who are looking to build their CV and to stand out from the crowd when it comes to interview. I will be spending the next couple of weeks meeting with tutor groups and looking for volunteers for the team. However, if you know of particular students in your area who you think would be willing to commit the hour or so a week that we need please feel free to recommend them to me via email.

Jon Snow

News from CASI Faculty

Claire and Jane attended the annual Salon International at the ExCel in London at the weekend. The event was an amazing opportunity to learn new skills, explore new innovations and trends within the industry and of course rub shoulders with some of the celebrities within the world of hair and beauty. Two of which were Guy Tang who is well known for his “Mermaid” colouring techniques and also Mark Hayes who is a Creative Director for the Sassoon academies… See selfies below. Whilst in London they also attended the Alternative Hair Show at the Royal Albert hall which has been running for over 30 years and uses volunteers through-out the industry to create and perform a range of new upcoming, evolving looks to inspire the world of hairdressing. They have brought back some great ideas for Guernsey College’s own annual hair and beauty show which will be held later in the year.

In Performing Arts this week the students have been working really hard on their skills. The first years have been experimenting with vocal work (see picture) and second years have written the outline of their play and have cast all the characters for the TIE piece. First year student Kate Purgale spent the weekend as a runner on the set of 'Patch'; a short comedy film being shot on island by a Dutch production company.

Hospitality and Catering had a week making buns of all different kinds….Chelsea buns, Cream Devon buns, Bath buns, Hot cross buns, Fruit buns and doughnuts! As part of their functional skills they were asked to cost out the buns that they made and took part in a jargon quiz to familiarise themselves with words used within the catering industry.

Martin Purvis in Creative + has been busy this week putting together his new team for the coming year and has had very productive talks with ex-media lecturer Kirsty Bougourd who specialises in camera work and editing and Jean Christophe Godet who is a well know photography professional. Jason Wilde the photographer in residence at next year’s Photography festival also popped in to Delancey as part of his work on an ongoing community project.

Going out and about, Mark Cook took his students on a drawing trip to study housing in the island from dolmans to the latest modern developments and next week he will take them on a study of military past and present.

News from ICE Faculty

Construction Industry Forum

We are pleased to report that an Education Forum has been set up with leading members of the CIF and the College. The forum will meet quarterly and will focus on shaping the future of construction education keeping the College up to date with employer and island requirements. If you would like to be part of this forum contact Jeanetth@gcfe.net


Is this your car or just your driving??? Hope not... but if you are having car trouble please take advantage of the offer to have our expert staff use your car as a valuable teaching and learning tool for our apprentices. All work will be quality checked by staff... please contact Robin Robilliard to book in.

Thank you and you and you...

Special thanks this week for Sally, who has supported Engineering exceptionally well in resolving register and timetable issues. ProSolution now really is the 'one source of truth'.

Construction are very pleased to see a responsive Estates team, having a positive impact on improving teaching and learning. With a request logged one day, actioned the next day and ordered the next day. Looking forward to seeing the end result, this will make a real difference to the students' learning environment.

New brick paved area looking great!

Graham now has extra storage space for materials used in the brickwork workshops thanks to the Tuesday morning BTEC group. The student’s brick paved the area as a valuable practical trade addition to their BTEC assignment. See photo above.

A word from the VP

HGIOC – How good is our college?

The college is now at the forefront in the development of non-graded lesson observations and to facilitate this we now have a new Observation Teaching and Learning Team! (OTL)

The new team for 2015/16 are…Paul Davis, Peter McCook, Sara Parfitt, Mark Cook, Claire Monti, Tracey Fern, sue Clack, Lorraine Barker and Susan Havis from Education. (see photos below)

Lesson Observations have been planned for between 2nd November and the 20th November.

It’s important to note that there will be a new observation form https://www.scribd.com/doc/285368718/Final-OTL-Template-for-2015-2016 that is linked to the ‘How good is our college’ framework https://www.scribd.com/doc/285368664/SER-CFE-April-15-Final-Template and is being implemented within the college for quality and self -assessment purposes https://www.scribd.com/doc/285367413/Overview-of-HMI-Scotland-FE-Sector

Everything identified in the content sheet should be in the “red folder” as it is known, https://www.scribd.com/doc/285367564/Red-Observation-Folder-Index-Sheet and needs to be available during the observation alongside your scheme of work and lesson plans that can be found on mycfe.

STAFF DEVELOPMENT - Thanks for all the helpful and honest comments about the new (and temporary) method we are using in order to get information out to you about staff development scheduling. This is a work in progress, we recognise it is not perfect yet. We are working with colleagues from SED to enable a more efficient and streamlined way to allow you to see what’s going on and book in to sessions as appropriate. Just to remind you all the in future all weekly staff development sessions will be held in the following rooms;


Delancey D7

Coutanchez 103

Les Ozouets 107


Delancey D7

Coutanchez 102

Les Ozouets Flexi Centre


Delancey D7

Coutanchez 103

Les Ozouets Flexi Centre

Some information about up and coming sessions - we will review how this information gets shared with you and ensure you have a comprehensive plan on your return after the half term week.

  • Talking targets

Jeanette Nicola – this session is designed as a review of the use of targets in motivating and enabling students to process through their learning. It will also allow you to review how you record targets in Pro monitor and how students can use targets for themselves.

  • Pro Mon Mark Book

Nicola – this session is a refresher on using Mark Book, how you can set up mark book and some of its key features in enabling an efficient and useful tracking for students.

  • Pro refresher

Nicola – need some more information on navigating your way around pro solution and pro monitor a general update and refresher.

  • Pro Monitor Students at Risk

Jeff /Matt – how do you record a students a risk and what processes are in place to support that student how do they access them and what do you need to do to make that happen

  • Pro Mon Disciplinary meetings

Jeff /Matt/Nicola – how do you manage disciplinary meetings on Pro monitor, how do disciplinary work now , what strategies are there for supporting students.

  • ILT

Martine– Martine is offering a series of workshops in developing skills and ideas about using ILT in the classroom and beyond. See the regular updates which will come out in Engage about ILT developments

  • Coaching Conversations

Jeanette/Lorraine – these workshop are about supporting students to work toward their targets and enabling them to develop organisational skills. How do we use coaching to empower students to achieve. You will come away with some strategies to use in your practice.

  • English and Maths updates

Phil and team - These sessions will support you embedding English and maths within your teaching. Building on your confidence to find creative ways to link in maths and English for your students.


I am delighted to introduce your new coaches team for this year. It was great to have so many applications from people interested in coaching. This year your coaches are: Stefan, Tim, Cathy B, Jen, Tristan, Kayleigh, Helen and Jon S.

Your coaches are there to support you in developing your practice, they will be facilitating the Professional Learning Communities and will be available to support you during and following the observation processes. In fact if there is any area of your practice you think it would be useful to develop don’t forgot your team will have a coach allocated to them. In the next half term coaches will be seeking to attend one of your team meetings to see how they can support T&L practice.

A quick word on the PLC’s - I thought it would be useful to give you some background on PLC’s and why as a profession this is crucial to allowing the development of our practice. Research evidence suggests that enabling professionals to come together to share practice, reflect on strategies or techniques and ideas together is one of the most effective staff development activities which can be enabled. There are many studies which confirm that this process has strong links with enabling student performance to be even better ( Lucas et al., 2012; Hillier & Figgs., 2011; Du Four.,2004; Stewart., 2014 for example).

Recruitment events

YR 11 VISITS start this week, we are delighted to welcome year 11 students from all high schools, Blanchelande and the Grammar School. They will be visiting between now and December. This brief visit is designed to allow potential students to become a little bit more familiar with the College, what we look like and gain some insight into the options available for them.

Post 16 talks have also started this week - thanks to those of you that have come out in the evenings to talk to prospective students and parents. As you know these events are held in High Schools and are undertaken in partnership with the 6th form and show our clear commitment to work together to ensure that every post 16 student has all in the information they need to make an informed choice about all their options.

OPEN DAYS are coming around again, each campus will be open from 4 pm until 8 pm

on the following dates: Delancey 24 November , Coutanchez 25 November , Les Ozouets 26 November

Have a great weekend


Level 3 Creative+ students and tutor get creative for Chairman of Board of Governors

The posters were designed and made by Charlie, Chris Towers and Richard Burgess - learners on the Level 3 Creative+ course.

Chris and Richard were both instrumental in the ideas generation, design, studio photography and layout of the posters.

The 'newspaper clipping', uses the same font and layout and is the same pink as the Financial Times - reflecting Julian, Brian and Michael's profession.

We had a couple of other designs including a bear, but it was Michael who said they weren't worried about the bears as it will be winter and the bears will be asleep - it's the wolves that worry them......

Chris attended the press launch which was held Thursday morning.


Head in the Cloud

Martine Ellis

There’s been a lot of chat about “The Cloud” recently so I thought it would be useful to explain where we are with “all things cloud”. If, at this point, you are visualising the white fluffy things in the sky, you might like to read this article: What is the cloud and how does it work? http://recode.net/2015/04/30/too-embarrassed-to-ask-what-is-the-cloud-and-how-does-it-work/

Part of the ILT strategy involves getting resources online so learners can access them any time. The cloud makes this nice and easy. The plan is to offer 2 cloud storage options – Google Drive or OneDrive. You have a choice!

So, what’s the difference? Google Drive is part of the Google Apps for Education suite (a range of web-based tools including Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides – these are like a stripped back version of the Microsoft Office suite, but they are not Microsoft, they are Google). There are some other nice extras including Google Classroom and Google Forms. You’ve got unlimited storage space and you can log in using your College email address and password. Google Drive is the storage element of GAfE – a Google filing cabinet in the cloud.

OneDrive is a Microsoft product, it’s part of Office365 – a cloud based Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel etc). One Drive is the Microsoft filing cabinet in The Cloud.

The plan is not to implement all of this tomorrow (phew!) If your team is keen to get started though, feel free to contact me on martinee@gcfe.net for any support. Otherwise – I will be in touch soon. If this all sounds like a lot of techie gobbledegook please don’t panic. The whole process will be fully supported. There will be lots of training opportunities as well as one-to-one and team support.




  • Sally Cutler is a legend and deserves a pay rise!

  • John S says...Many thanks to Jason Smith and the IT team for persevering with us and showing patience over the years as we have come to grips with mycfe sharepoint. We are delighted to have finally developed the closest we can get on sharepoint to a working VLE, where assignments are stored, assessed and IVed electronically. This includes amongst many other features a student repository with individual student folders for each of the 18 units that they take.

We now have little need for memory sticks, external drives, N Drive or T drive as all of our documents are under carefully restricted access on the site. We no longer need to send large amounts of zipped attachments by e-mail to download, edit, upload and returned by e-mail etc. This is because we have created useful permissions restricted drop boxes for individuals to work on “live” on our documents (word, excel publisher etc). There isn’t even any need to download or even book documents out the documents.

Playing my part as a teaching practitioner and LIV in our bottom up organisation I would recommend that staff to embrace this platform that has been freely available to us for a number of years now. I would be more than happy to showcase our work and advice staff on the benefits of shairpoint but I have found that the best method of finding more about this vital tool is to youtube “sharpoint”. E.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsfUNRRu0VY


  • Fantastic! We have our own stationery cupboard at LOC!

  • Huge thanks to lovely Jennette and Laura for ordering all our stock, and for help setting it up!!

  • Alice at LOC



  • some computer keyboards in 101 are really dirty.
  • Monday and Tuesday afternoons the refectory is left in a real mess - students need to learn how to put rubbish in the bins, if not they should not be allowed to use the refectory.
  • Why are some of our classes at LOC (from Engineering Students) We are looking to relocate this class to the Coutanchez campus, a straight forward swap isn't possible at the moment due to the demand on room usage and the time slots available. We are working on swapping campuses for term 2 with a resolve that means the needs of all college students are considered and met.
  • When will our locker keys be ready (engineering students) hopefully by next week these will be issued.

  • Being criticized for lack of uptake and attendance at Staff Development Events. Maybe those that authorised sending `the emails’ that were not only sent through with no regard to how busy staff are but had virtually no information as to what the event entailed or what room they would be in should have a re-think. Then to compound this, on trying to attend said events, having to walk around the campus looking for the room they are being held in was not only a time wasting and fruitless exercise but showed just how unorganised these were as no colleagues asked knew where they were, including Reception and those fine people know pretty much everything but had obviously not been informed of these events by those responsible. Also informing us of where the events will be from now on in the same issue as criticizing is somewhat an own goal. Glass houses and a handful of stones springs to mind. Please see the VP section for comment.


  • Once again unable to make Tea and Coffee at LOC due to facilities being used by courses!!- Tutors will be informed that this is not to be encouraged, students are to use the coffee machine provided.
  • No food in the vending machine and canteen closed at 1.50 pm- Check with Graig or whoever fill them to sort out and say we are addressing.

  • Spending a fortune adorning the campuses with flat screen TVs whilst at the same time cutting support staff overtime to the bone. These are two separate issues. After half term you will see the benefit of the digital signage . Staff overtime is not cut to the bone. We need to be resourced properly for people to be able to do their work within their nomal hours. The review of the overtime explores how we can manage staff workload within the budget we have. We are applying the policy consistently across the board. This will enable us to have a more realistic view of the cost of running the College. Overtime is not budgeted for and will create a false view of the cost of the College.


  • Marketing brochures to feature GCFE students and locations.

And suddenly, before you knew it, you are staring down the barrel of another Christmas...

With October half-term in our sights, it is time to look further ahead and get our Christmas Party organised!

The essentials are:

Friday 11th December @ St Pierre Park

7PM - late

Black Tie

Buffet Menu https://www.scribd.com/doc/285366647/Party-Buffet-Menu-2015

£30pp (covering DJ costs)

Raffle & DJC

Please make your desire to attend known to your campus reception staff who will be happy to add you to our list and take payment. This year, payment can be made in stages or in full. Again, your campus receptionist will be happy to take your money. We need a deposit of £10 per person by Friday 6th November.

One of your Staff Social Committee members (Dan Hunter, Rachel Guilbert, Helen Glenn, Hazel Anderson-Relf, Jane Fears, Jeff Stuart, Charlotte Froome, Kim Abbots and Fiona Martin) will able to available your campus so please ask them for information should you require.

I hope to see as many of you there as possible - let's make this a great night!


(On behalf of your Staff Social Committee)

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staff and students are invited to take part in Bright Tights Day, £1 donation, or more to Reception please. 6 November. THE BRIGHTER THE BETTER!

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SWIMARATHON and TRI Ultimate 2015


As a team, we swam 61 laps (122 lengths) and raised in excess of £100 towards the final total raised of over £51,000.

The team were:

Sara Parfit

Matt Sawbridge,

Lorraine Barker

Paul Davies

Hazel Anderson-Relf

Emily de la Mare (Jane de la Mare’s daughter)

Ben Anderson-Relf (Hazel’s son)

Children kindly donated/volunteered by parents!

Well done and many thanks to all who donated or swam!

(Apologies that this photo will not rotate! - Laura)

also well done to the TriUltimate team,

The total amount raised for the Tri-Ultimate was £8,000 and our College team Finish before Midnight was the highest fundraising social team!

A bottle of Prosecco which they will somehow find a way to share, and a certificate, which is now on display at Delancey reception.

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