Tectonic Plates

by Haley Coffman

Layers the Make the Earths Layers

The outer layer you see with the continental crusts and oceanic ridges, is the crust. Its the layer we walk, run, sleep, swim, everything on. the next layer you see is the upper mantel. The upper mantel is just made up of rock. Between the upper mantel and the lower mantel, is something called the middle mantel. The middle mantel is a little weird. I say that because it is made up of both liquid and solid matter. Its technically called something like plasticity. Meaning the more pressure you put on it, the harder it gets. Also with in the middle mantel there are convection currents that are constantly moving. Next is the lower mantel which is made up of rock like the upper mantel. The outer core is made up of iron liquid and so is the inner core. The inner core is the inner most layer of the earth, also known as the middle. It's the hottest part of the Earth

Major Techtonic Plates

There are 7 major continents, The first one is the Pacific Plate. The second one is the South American Plate. The third, fourth, and fifth are the North American Plate, Eurasian Plate, and the African Plate. The last two are the Indo Australian Plate and the Ant Arctic Plate. The plates are not the only plates that there are. However, they are the biggest. Plates are constantly being broken into tinier pieces.

Tohoku, Japan 2011

In 2011, Tohoku, Japan had a huge earth quake that shortly there after triggered a tsunami. The earthquake was measured to be a 9.0 earthquake. That's HUGE!!

History of The Plate Techtonics

there was once a country called Pangaea. Thousands of years ago, the country splits into the now known, 7 continents. We know this because of a guy named Alfred Wegener. He found that If you cut out the shapes of the continents from a map and put them all together, they fit like a puzzle. Also, there was evidence of icebergs in the desert in Africa. If you look at maps of where animals where long, long ago, they all match up.