Carbon Reduction campaign

by: jude payne

Have you ever carpooled before?

Carpooling is the act of fitting or picking up people to drive in the same car.If some of the people you work with come together to drive in one car you could save money.But also it causes less carbon and less harmful gases to the environment.


Thursday, May 26th, 9pm

This is an online event.

How do gases infect the environment?

Carpooling reduces all of the nasty environmental impact involved with driving.If people live in the same region they could pick one another up and drive to work. This also helps people save money on gas and transportation. Cars emit around .59 pounds of carbon per mile. Which means that every single car is releasing carbon it could effect our air.Nearly 25% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by cars. We can reduce that by sharing transportation and gas money.

Start Carpooling