Weekly RoaR

Week ending May 13, 2016

Events around the corner...

May 16

Grandma Shower for Ms. Carroll, 3 PM

May 18

Breakfast with Moms, 6:45 AM

Staff Meeting, 3 PM

May 20

DinoBeat, 3rd & 4th Recognitions

Fourth Grade Track Meet

May 25

Talent Show, 8 AM

Spirit Night at Chili's, 5 to 8 PM <-----update...I had told you Dickey's. Sorry.

May 26

Field Day, Coach to provide schedule

Senior Reception, 3:30 PM

May 27

Wylie Way Day of Celebration

Senior Walk, 10:15 AM

Memorial Day lessons

Wrapping up 2015-2016

EOY Testing

Please be sure your last weeks are well-scheduled to accommodate all of the required testing and writing collections.

Class Placement

I will share a class list template with team leaders today to use as you begin placing students for classes next year.

Packing Up

Crates are scheduled to be delivered next week. Reference Herrera's email from this week regarding procedures and expectations.

EOY Checklists

I will try to get these to you by the end of next week, so you can start checking off things.


One thing that will be on the EOY checklist will be finishing up your digital RtI files. This is mandatory. Like federal law mandatory. All documentation must be uploaded into Aware. The responsibility falls on the classroom teacher, but if you have questions, you may ask your RtI Committee Chair (K & 1- Spears; 2 - Branch; 3 - Mesnard; 4 - Duvall; anyone - Badgett). We will happily walk you through uploading steps, tell you what to upload, and let you know if your RtI files are complete.


I know--packing up, field trips, fun activities, finishing up curriculum, finishing up testing, etc....it's going to make kids think that school is over. KEEP A SCHEDULE (even if it is different than the rest of the year), UPHOLD EXPECTATIONS, and enjoy it! This is the time you can try out those new things you haven't had time to try or that you were too afraid to try earlier. Shout out to Mrs. Reynolds in 4th grade who shared with me that she was going to try out Plickers! Mrs. Perigo in 3rd chatted with Nicole about doing PBL. Awesome!

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Have a great weekend! You only have 2 more Mondays left!