Skeletal System

The structure of your body.

What does it do?

The skeletal system is basically the structure of the body. Imagine a house, the metal supports the walls. In us, our bones are like those iron supports but they are in our body. The skeletal system in everyone's body helps people jump, run, walk, move the arms, move the fingers, and eat. The system helps people do that because there are joints where people can move their limbs. Then there are the muscles which actually move the limbs.

Diseases and Problems for the body system

  1. Osteoporosis (Ost-eo-poro-sis) Makes the bones have hollow holes in them so they are weaker.
  2. Marfan syndrome (Mar-fan-syn-drome) Back pain and makes the victim have long limbs, fingers, and toes.
  3. Periodontal Disease (Per-iod-on-tal dis ease) damages gums and could destroy the jawbone.
  4. Acromegaly (ac-ro-meg-aly) Makes the victim grow larger than normal humans.
  5. Pagets disease (Pae-gets-dis-ease) Replaces new bone tissue instead of old bone tissue.
  6. Bone cancer: At random times, peoples bones and joints will hurt.
  7. Bone infection: (bo-ne-in-fe-tion) create bone pains and fever.

How to keep your bone healthy

To keep the bones healthy everyone should, eat or drink foods or drinks with vitamin d or calcium in them. Both of those things help the bones by making them harder and stronger. Some other ways to keep the bones healthy is to not hit anything hard like rocks with all their strength. This might be basic but it is also very effective. My fourth way that people could make their bones healthier is to eat veggies. Some veggies are some times full of calcium and vitamin D, and are very good to the body. My fifth way that people could keep their bones healthy is to not bite down on hard surfaces. That could work because if peoples bite down on hard surfaces, it would ruin their teeth. My sixth way that people can keep their bones healthy is to brush or clean peoples teeth. I listed that because teeth are actually bones! My seventh way that people can keep their bones healthy is by exercising outside. Exercising not only helps the bone but it helps the muscles too! Exercising outside helps peoples bones because the sun basically gives everyone free vitamin D. My last way to keep peoples bones healthy is to not let anything like sharp corners poke between peoples joints because that could hurt the joints.

Ways to treat and help your bones

  1. Space medicine: helps treat astronauts in space.
  2. calcium: makes peoples bones stronger.
  3. Vitamin D: makes everyone's bones stronger.
  4. Antibiotic therapy: (ant-eye-bi-otec-ther-apy) treats some bone diseases other antibiotics can't.
  5. Bone building drug: helps build bones.
  6. tooth paste: cleans the teeth so people won't get cavities.
  7. Fosamax: (Fos-a-max) treats osteoporosis and pagets disease.
  8. Actonel: (Act-o-nel) treats osteoporosis and pagets disease.
  9. Boniva: (Bone-iva) Treats osteoporosis.
  10. Reclast: (Re-clast) treats pagets disease, bone cancer, and several other diseases.
  11. Bisphosphonate: (Bis-phos-phone-ate) a class of drugs to treat bone loss, osteoporosis, and several similar diseases.
  12. Evista: (Eee-vis-ta) Can treat osteoporosis in woman who have gone through menopause.


  1. Orthopedist (Orth-ao-pedist) Does surgery, tells peoples what medicine the people need, ect. (I'll be telling you all the things orthopedists do in the next paragraph.)
  2. X-ray technician (Tec-nic-tian) operates x-rays and repairs them if needed.


The orthopedists treats,

  1. Nerves
  2. Joints
  3. Ligaments
  4. Tendons
  5. Muscles
  6. Broken bones
  7. disorders
  8. straighten spines
  9. helps people with lost limbs
  10. tumors
  11. infections
  12. degenerative diseases
  13. works with other kinds of doctors.

Videos to Keep your bones Healthy

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iFun Facts!

  1. Your body is shaped like a human because the bones are making it look like that!
  2. If you didn't have any bones, you would be a blob on the ground!
  3. You lose bones over time!
  4. You start with about 300 bones but you have 206 bones when you are an adult!
  5. Your bones gain density until your 30!
  6. To heal your bones, your bones knit together to form new bones!
  7. You have 54 bones in your hands.
  8. Every 7 years you get a new skeleton!
  9. Bones are alive!
  10. The funny bones is not a bone!
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  • Skeletal System: The system in your body which is made up of bones.
  • Degenerative diseases: This a disease that can't be treated, but medicine will help. The symptons is loss of bone flexibility.
  • Disorders: When something that is not normal like the ability to not walk correctly.
  • Muscles: This is the thing that moves you legs and the other part of your body. The muscles are the really hard parts of your body when you flex and then squeeze your arm.
  • Technician: He is the the guy who changes your TV cable when you change networks, or the guy you see at the store fixing the refrigerator who's fixing the freezer that holds the ice for you to buy.
  • X-ray: The x-ray is an machines used to see through peoples skin to see their bones if they have broken bones.
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