Chocolate Cake and Kids


Chocolate Cake and Kids is an enchanting, fun loving environment for your child to be safely supervised and nurtured while you must be away. It is a daycare service located inside my home, created to be a whimsical setting filled with happy experiences. Your child will spend the day in a location bursting with magical moments of fantasy, crafts, interaction with playmates and so much more. Story reading, children's music and dress-up play time will enhance their imaginations.

There is a small park located across the street which provides plenty of sunshine, fresh air and exercise (weather permitting) on a daily basis, while I ensure your child is only on age appropriate equipment during our visit.

Chocolate Cake and Kids follows a schedule which includes a healthy, well-balanced breakfast, three snacks a day, lunch, and nap time. Once a week I bake homemade chocolate cupcakes for the children to decorate and take home to share with their families.

I promise to provide a safe, caring, and entertaining environment for your child. Chocolate Cake and Kids will be another place they can call home! My daycare is dedicated to my mother who always had a loving home for her own children, grandchildren, and all others that came through her doorway!

I am the author of the book titled "Chocolate Cake and Coffee," which is also dedicated to my mother.

My name is Tammy. I live with my husband and two beautiful children which I adopted at birth.