Early Ojibwe spring-Ziigwan

Maya Gamble

sweet subsets

In the early Ojibwe the spring had a lot to do one of the things to do is sugar camp. Sugar camp is when they travel to sugar camps and make maple sugar. This is an exciting event it is when families come together and go to they's camps to make maple sugar. When they come they hunt, repair the loges, and make maple sugar. This sweet subsets can make a sweet snack.

Canoe Making

Canoe making is vary important, because if they didn't they could not go down the river. here are some of the steps that were gone into making canoe's

  • make the frame from cedar wood.
  • warped birchbark around the bottom and sides of the canoe.
  • then sewed it tight......
That is the some of the steps of how to make a canoe Ojibwe stile.