Shipping Container Home

Started on 5/28

Troubles throughout this project

I spent and excessive amount of time finding ideal placements for each room within the amount of shipping containers supplied. Another hardship i faced would have to be constructing the kitchen; I had to offset the wall to the dining room 2 feet because there wasn't enough space to place a fridge or dishwasher.

First SketchUp Model and Drawings

Location of the Shipping Container Home.

When choosing a location i believe a good area would be somewhere where it snows a lot and has green summers. reason being is that the red/brown colors contrast from the white snow will make the house look more majestic, and with the green summers it will make the patio come into great use.
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When i first started this project I had thought "this shouldn't be too hard", but now i beg to differ. You must deal with what limited space you have since the dimensions of the shipping container is so limited. Then you also need to fit in the requirements, and try not to exceed the maximum of shipping containers. There was lots of trial and error throughout this project.

Shipping Container Project

Constructed by: Winston Neagle

Exterior/ Interior Pictures of the SketchUp model