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Now that everyone is back in the school routine, now is the time when teachers begin planning out their lessons and classrooms for the year. Whether they are looking at editing previous lessons, or trying something completely new, in addition with trying to keep up with all of the back to school requirements for teachers, it is an extremely busy time of year. But, as with most tech tools that are shared here, each are meant to make your lives a little more efficient and easier to prepare your lessons. The following are some tech tools that you can use immediately in the classroom to make your classroom lessons much easier to deliver.

Wheel Decide

A website that I recently learned about was Wheel Decide. It is simply a spinner to randomly select names to call on. But, what's great about this site is that you have complete customization over what information is added to each part of the wheel. So, for example, you can insert names of states and students have to provide the capital. Or, you can fill it with questions related to the classroom content, and you can then spin the wheel. There are quite a few uses for this if you're looking for a quick, random selection tool.

Classroom Screen

If you would like to have a spinner wheel, a timer, a clock, a calculator, and instructions for the current activity, then check out Classroom Screen. This flexible tool allows you to have all of those different widgets running at the same time, all on one screen. They even have customizable backgrounds, and an entire lineup of options for you to include in your lesson on the screen. One of my favorite parts of this is the Work Symbols. These are easy cues that you can provide students as they're working, without having to stop and redirect them to the next part of the lesson.


One of the most engaging pieces of a lesson is the ability to insert interactivity, whether done by the students or the teachers. Many teachers have SMART Boards or white boards, but the web-based Aww App is easy to use, and it's free! Quite simply stated, the Aww app is known as "A Web Whiteboard" as the acronym suggests. An added benefit to this whiteboard is the ability to collaborate with others on the same whiteboard.


If you have never heard of, or checked out Flippity, please take a few moments to do that now! This site is a mecca of Google Sheets templates that you can use in your classroom for various activities. From Jeopardy to Wheel of Fortune to a random name selector, all the way to a Scavenger Hunt, this site has it all! You simply download the template that is provided, customize it with your information, Publish it to the Web, and then share that link out with students, and it becomes an engaging lesson that all students will be able to enjoy.

Online Stopwatch

Each time you present a lesson, ensuring that pacing is appropriate is just as important as lesson delivery. When you need to utilize a timer in class, check out the Classroom Timers on Online Stopwatch website. There are very basic timers, but what's awesome about this site, is there are several different fun timers built in. Whether you're in the mood for an animal timer, a sports timer, or a motor sports timer, all of those are included. The only hope is that students pay attention to the work at hand, instead of watching the timer on the screen!

Google "Aha" Tip of the Week - So. Many. Fonts!

In any Google tool, you have hundreds of fonts available! If you select the current font style dropdown, an option appears for "More Fonts." Once that is opened, you have the option to search fonts by type, alphabetical, or my personal favorite, trending. What's even better is that once the font is added to your font library, it now becomes accessible across all Google apps in your account!

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