Alexis Taylor

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a drug also used as a medicine called, Medical Marijuana. Many states are trying to make Marijuana legal, but it then makes the drug easier to abuse. Marijuana causes many long term issues with your health that are not able to be corrected or helped later on in life.

What does it look like?

Marijuana is a mixture of dried leaves and shredded leaves. It can be green, brown or grey even.

Some short term effects..

~ When smoking marijuana, most people go for that "high" or filled sensation. Within seconds of inhaling the drug, it gives you a good feeling but only for a short time. It doesn't stay long.

~ A loss of coordination can occur

~ It affects: memory, judgement and perception

~ Marijuana commonly causes you to do things you may not do when thinking normally

Signs of abuse..

Red, blurry bloodshot eyes

constant mucus-filled cough

rapid heartbeat

hunger constantly

dry mouth

poor memory

poor coordination

slow reaction time

loss of control

Some long term effects..

~ Smoking marijuana for years can cause some really bad consequences!

~It effects brain function and the ability to do complex tasks as well as other academic, athletic or other life goals that require you to be 100% focused.

~ Marijuana also may affect you mental health.

~ Studies show that early marijuana use may increase your risk of developing a psychosis

~ It also has been discovered that there has been severe depression and anxiety when using the drug or even when you have quit using marijuana.

Some Common Street Names Are:

- Pot

- Grass

- Herb

- Weed

- Mary Jane

- Reefer

- Skunk

- Boom

- Gangster

- Kif

- Chronic

- Ganja