The Scarlet Letter

My Experience

The Whole Shebang

The scarlet letter was a book that took place in the 17th century in the time of the Puritans in Boston Massachusetts Bay colony. It is about a woman named Hester Prynne who was separated from her husband for some time. When she gets pregnant she is suspected by people of the town for being guilty of adultery because there is no way her husband could be the father since they were separated for two years. So she goes to court and is ordered to where the scarlet letter A so everyone can know what she did.

It begins with Hester being released from prison so everyone can see the A while she was standing on the scaffold. While on the scaffold she holds her daughter Pearl who was born in prison. The judge wants Hester to reveal who Pearls father is but Hester refuses to tell his identity. Her husband arrives in the parade but he visits before her release from prison and tells her not to tell anyone he is in town, and this is all apart of his plan to get revenge. Later he tells everyone in town he is a physician and takes the fake name Roger Chillingworth. When he realizes that Dimmesdale the minister he stays close to him for seven days.

Years goes by and the minister is afraid to admit his sin publicly and the guilt killing him. Hester sees her husband as evil for all the wrong he has done to Dimmesdale. So she releases Chillingworth's real identity to Dimmesdale and they make a plan to leave Boston to go to England where they can hide and start a new life. They never get to live this plan as later on Dimmesdale reveal to everyone he has sinned showing the A he carved on his chest. He finds peace and Pearl gives him a kiss but he dies.

A year later Chillingworth dies and he leaves all his property and money to Pearl. Hester soon is respected by the people and her A stands for Able. Her and Pearl finally move away but later Hester returns and willingly wears the A for the rest of her life. When she dies she is buried near the minister where they share a gravestone. On it there is the Scarlet Letter A over a black background and Hester becomes a legend.

My Experience

I enjoyed the book and the experience with the scarlet Letter. It help me realize how others feel when they are picked on and it makes me want to make a change. My advice to everyone is to not pick on others because of them being different or because of their past. Being Prejudice is in all of us but you should realize when you are unfairly judging someone. So if you ever find yourself in that type of position you should try to change and give that person a chance. As many say it takes one to make a difference, one to influence others, and one leader to help followers see the right way. That one could be you as a person or us as a school. So don't judge a book by its cover give it a chance.

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The End

The scarlet Letter was a great story to me and I hoped you enjoyed the presentation and the story.