Revolutionary Era

Hannah Scott 6th period PAP

War Time!!

The Revolutionary War was a long time coming from the colonists. All the British really wanted was money out of the colonies. They were also putting not useful law enforcement into the colonies while no one was really doing anything. The colonists were over all the stupid laws from the King so this is where the revolutionary period started.
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Lexington and Concord, 1775

  • No one knows who fired the first shot to start the war at Lexington
  • The colonists went to the storage place for the weapons to hid all of the army's arms so the British couldn't find them
  • the British soldiers were sometimes called "regulars," or "redcoats."
  • Only eight Americans were killed at these battles in Lexington
  • This was the war where the famous quote "The British are coming!," took place when Paul Revere was announcing the start of the battles to the colonists and minutemen
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Common Sense, 1775

  • This phamplet was written by Thomas Paine
  • This was what advocated our independence to the colonies from Great Britain
  • This is the all time best selling American novel ever written, and is still in print today
  • It was published anomously on January 10 to become an immediate sensation
  • It was the first work to openly ask for the colonies' independence
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Declaration of independence, 1776

  • Signed on July 4, hense the great American holiday on this date
  • The meeting was taken at the Pennsylvania State House
  • The document was Written by Thomas Jefferson
  • This was not leaglly binding but the British agreed to it anyways
  • The people signing this could have been killed trying to gain indenpendence, which they ended up gaining
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Saratoga, 1777

  • The battle convinced the French and Spanish to give aid to the colonists
  • The British in Canada came to the Americans in New York
  • Saratoga is known as the turning point of the Revolutionary War for supplies and patriotism
  • The British had a small victory in the first two battles
  • The battles gave a revival to the Americans to become more involved in the war
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Valley Forge, 1777

  • 2,000 out of the 12,000 men died from the harsh winter or disease
  • Many men tried to take away Washington's leadership, they all thought he was just
  • torturing the men
  • Eventually the men were trained and ready for battle
  • Baron von Steuben and Marquis de Lafayette were foreigners that helped the troops
  • Lafayette became a commander over the Winter
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Battle of Yorktown, 1781

  • Cornwallis was not having success in the Carolinas so he moved to Yorktown to win a battle
  • The American Army crowded around the British to force them out of Yorktown
  • The French were helping out the Americans in the Chesapeake Bay after a lot of begging and negotiations
  • Eventually the British were running out of supples to hold off on the Americans
  • Cornwallis surrendered for an American victory on October 19, 1781
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Treaty of Paris, 1783

  • More Natives were being pushed away from their original space of land
  • Paris hosted the signing and making of the treaty, hense the name
  • England had to recognize the independence of the Americas
  • All the British troops were to be taken out of the colonies and would not be needed any time soon
  • The new West border for the colonies in the United States was the Mississippi river. Excepting Spanish Florida