The Stone Forest

Yunnan, China

The Stone Forest

This wonderful perfect photo opportunity spot is located in Yunnan, China. The Stone Forest was created back in the Permian period, which was 270 million years ago! It is said to be a natural wonder, and these 'trees' are actually huge 100 feet limestone pillars! Certain shapes and structures were formed by chemicals in standing water eating away at the limestone and creating unique pictures for you to enjoy. As the water retreated it also caused changes in the rock and added more variety! Come and see our amazing petrified forest and explore all the twisty pathways we have to offer.

Places to Visit

Xiao Shi Lin

Known as the Small Forest. This beautiful area is quieter and allows you to really sit back and marvel at our beautiful 'trees.' At sunset Sami minority dances are performed in a small theater there.

Ode to Plum

These stones are cut with calligraphy, one famous poet included is the great Mao Zedong. One of his most beloved poems is left for people to read scrawled in his beautiful handwriting.

Wangfeng Ting

The Stone forest can be a bit confusing but don't worry! Most of the paths lead back to here where our Central Peak Viewing Pavilion is. This is a great meeting point if you and your group have been split up, or if you wanted to gain your bearings.

Come and visit us and hike through a different kind of forest!