Alan Bradford


About My Life

My name is Alan Bradford My colony is Virginia I am married to Kelly Bradford everybody depends on me for pots and silver things. It is so much pressure because I am the only person that makes these things. I live in a very big house.

I make things for people such as utensils, plates, and so much more I also make things out of silver. I provide a good for the colony. I was taught from my dad hew also was a silversmith. I worked with him till I was 18 years old then I got my own job.

I sometimes have to go to another country to deliver goods to people and sometimes the king! I usually work in my shop with my son.

I sometimes make silver discs if my son acts good. Dinner is great thanks to my silver forks and spoons.

I always have to make my own clothes but I usually have help. It is a lot of work but at least I don’t have to spin it-- my wife does that. We use different colored clothes by using natural dyes. I usually wear stockings and caps. My back still hurts from sleeping in the very cold attic. But I love to wear my wig. Teenagers like me weave clothe on loom. In the summer we use horses to get around but in the winter we have to use sleds.

I have a trade. In the morning I wake up and walk down stairs to my store. I became a silversmith by watching my dad. I am now a silversmith and I trade a lot with people for food or sometimes gold. I trade with other colonies and other countries.

I use graver, hammer, ladle, tongs and shears. My favorite tool is the tongs. The reason I like the tongs is because it is very safe and they are very cool. Each tool has a special use. Like the tongs for example are used for picking up hot objects. Most of the tools I use are made out of metal so if it breaks it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I let my son use one of my tools for fun but never the sharp ones there very pointy. They are very fun to use.


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