The Lawrence Weekly News

Natalie Cebulko, Zavier Smith, Jayden Rucker, Caleb Jensvold

Mrs. Lawrence's Class Talks Trash // Top Story // By: Natalie Cebulko

This week in Science, we finished our technology unit, and have been working on the Trash Project. The official name came out on Wednesday, and Sophia Souders came up with the name: Mrs. Lawrence's Trash Talkers. The rest of us are coming up with different trash can designs, and Addison is working on choosing which ones to include. Natalie came up with the idea to SCULPT homemade trash can disposals, and we can paint them SCE style.

Volunteers // Lawrence Custom Story // By: Caleb Jensvold

This special edition is for present news in Mrs.Lawrence's 4th grade class. There is a new Volunteer System. This system was built because the News Needs Help! This system was built also so people could sign up and try the News.

Number The Stars: A New Class Read Along // Reading // By: Zavier Smith

Our awesome teacher, aka Mrs. Lawrence, has introduced a new read along of a book called Number the Stars.

Everybody has gotten this book which is why it is a read along. Our teacher also left a little message about this book.

"Our class is reading this historical fiction book that is set in Copenhagen, Denmark during the Nazi occupation. It tells of the hardships the Danish people faced-from food shortages to "relocating" some of their Jewish citizens. It shows how people in the worst of conditions, find strength and courage to help others to safety."

I also think this book is amazing and that's what it's turning out to be! Thanks Mrs. Lawrence for reading this with us!

Riddle of the Week // Joke // By: Caleb Jensvold

Last week's winner: Bryce Dennison

Last week's answer: The Letter M.

This week's riddle: The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I??

Beetle Tracker // Bugs // By Jayden Rucker and Natalie Cebulko

This week we have stories from Sandy Nguyen, and Ryann Carter

Sandy's story:

Hi! My beetle's name is Betty. I got her on January 19, 2017. I wrote a journal about about her: day one, two, and so on. She died just recently. She died on March 6th, 2017. I was sad. Then I saw some glitter and and smelled perfume in her container. I know it's kind of weird. Then I saw gold and silver sparkles. And, the next day, I had to throw Betty away, and I was SOOOOOOOOOO sad.

Ryann's story:

Name: Neon Stripes Savage

Born: Friday at 9:20

Savage Life Style

Wanted to be many things

He loved eating

He likes to play

Wanted changed behaviors

Believed in a mighty beetle

Weather For March 10 to 17 // Weather // By: Natalie Cebulko

March 10: Sunny with a high of 34

March 11: Cloudy with a high of 32

March 12: Sunny with a high of 34

March 13: Cloudy with a high of 36

March 14: Cloudy with a high of 32

March 15: Mostly Sunny with a high of 36

March 16: Partly Cloudy with a high of 44

March 17: PM Showers with a high of 53

Book Fair

This Special Event is The Book Fair. The Book Fair is on the March 14th through 17th. This is a fun event so your kids can buy books and cool gadgets. This helps your kids read. Stay tuned for more.

Research Of The Week

The research of the week is the person who does the best math research in class. To be the winner of the research of the week, you need to organize your work, get good information, and put your name and number on your research!

The winner of this week's Research Of The Week is... Me! Zavier Smith! So congratulations to me and anybody who wins something like this in the newspaper.

What are we doing? by: Jayden Rucker

This week in Mrs.Lawrence's class, kids are working on reading their historical fiction books along with reading a new book called, Number the Stars.

In math, 4th grade is working on adding and subtractng fractions while 5th grade is working on multiplying and dividing fractions.

In writing, Kids are working on publishing their own books.

In science, we are learning about electricity and atoms.

Monthly reminders

Beach Bash March 25

S.T.E.M. night March 16

Spring break starts March 31

STEM Night

Thursday, March 16th, 5:30pm

11420 East 131st Street

Fishers, IN

Get ready to STEM-ulate your brain by controlling a robot and trying out challenging engineering tasks! It's fun for the whole family when you visit our stem book fair! After you talk to real engineers and invent something new, you can report your findings internationally! Also talk to people to see how you could try STEM at home.