Virginia Colony

Brandon Sohn , Theodore Turner


Come to Jamestown and witness the birth of a new city. Get to Jamestown early and make your mark on history.
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Do you want to be rid of the corrupt Anglican church , well then move to Virginia we have a whole settlement that is full of others like you who want to be pure. So become Puritan today and go to Plymouth.
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Explore the vast beautiful landscape that is Virginia. Start a new prosperous life away from the pressures of England , become richer than a king and start farming the brown gold that is tobacco.

Become a plantation owner

With the headright system you can pay for someones passage to the new world and gain the 50 acres of land they would of got and now they are your indentured servant and can make money for you while you enjoy the freedom of the new world.

Explore and Conquer the New world

In the New world there are many unexplored areas that could be full or riches like gold or silver make your claims before anyone else takes your riches from you.