Why kids should stay in school

By: Jordyn Lassiter

If you don't go to school everyday:

& learn how to read, your not gonna know whats going on in the world B/C you cant read the newpaper or a magazine or you wont understand what they are saying on tv or BOTH! You have to go everyday because you won't be on a 5th grade reading level in 4 days! it takes time to learn.

It's not just about reading:

Math too. If you dont know how to count, you most likely wont get a job so you wont make money. Even at mcdonalds you have to know how to count B/c you have to count cheese burgers and chicken nuggets. If you some how manage to get money you wont know how much you have because you cant count! Education opens up chances for jobs in the future.

dropping out:

Even though your allowed to quit school when your 16, you should'nt . If you want a good life stay in school and have good attendance, it doesnt have to be perfect, but make it good. School drop outs face worse than people who dont. on average, a dropout earn less money, more likely to end up in prison, less healthy, less likely to find love & get married, & is unhappier than a high school graduate. Im sure most people want to be happy and healthy. You also want good grades b/c you want to graduate and get in a good colllege so it actually is very very very important to have good attendance so you can learn as much as you can.