Nathan's Science 6

This is my Smore to show my learning in Science.

An introduction to ME

My name is Nathan Park, and I am a 6th grader who goes to Pioneer Middle School. I enjoy swimming and I also enjoy playing video games.

Introduction to Science 6

Introduction to Science 6

We have been using the triple beam balance, the microscope, the metric ruler, and the globe when we've been doing Science. During our Science Introduction Unit, we used the metric ruler first so we could have a basic knowledge of how to measure objects. There are no safety hazards with this one, unless you swallow and choke or suffocate yourself. The second object we used was the Triple Beam Balance, which we used to weigh random objects, such as corks. The only safety hazard was if you dropped it., then you could break a few bones. Finally, our last tool we used in the Introduction to Science was the globe. We used the globe to see where places were, and we also used it to learn about latitude and longitude. The only way you could hurt yourself with this was if you ate the whole world piece by piece.