Coach Boyd's 7th grade math class

Rocking the STAAR

The kids have been working very hard in 7th grade. I truly am hopeful that this work will be shown in the results of the tests. There is not a test for 7th grade science or 7th grade history. Only for Writing, Reading and Math. The 7th grade hallway has been open all year and will continue to be open for the kids to come in and get any extra help they need or spend time working on anything they need to.

For the next 2 weeks I hope that they will be encouraged to come in and do their Think Through Math practice.

Science Fair Projects

We finished our research papers for the science fair. They will be graded again during the next 6 weeks. We will be adding our data tables as well as tweaking some things that weren't so hot the first time.

First trials should be completed by this Friday. We will go over the data in class and see how to make graphs/tables in google docs. I have a training video on this on my science fair page in symbaloo, as well as other helpful resources. Check them out!


We will be beginning our unit on genetics... be prepared for lots of questions about what has been passed down from generation to generation. The students always have fun learning what dominant and recessive traits are. We will creating computer babies with specific traits. This is always a fun project. We will be wrapping up the year with unit 12, Genetic Variations and Adaptations. Another fun one. There are a few struggles in these but none that are too difficult to overcome. We will definitely share our creations.

Digital Citizenship

Parents, do you monitor your child's social media? Some do and some don't. Studies show that the more parents are involved in the what social media their kids are using lessons the chance for online harassment. Do you check your son or daughters messages? Would you be surprised if someone had take part in name calling of your child on a social media site? Would you be surprised if your child was name calling another classmate? It happens. Many times it happens outside of school. Sometimes it can happen at school and we are just unable to "keep an eye" on every student. One way to alleviate the problems is for parents to check into what messages their students are sending. It provides great opportunities to discuss character. It also provides a time to teach about how words affect others and how our digital footprint LASTS FOREVER! That is hard for teenagers to grasp and it is our job to share that with them.