Global Citizen Info Session

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Leadertopia is an event based on the elements of Leadership x Global Citizen, bringing you:
* Teach For Malaysia talking on how volunteering can add value to youth leadership development
* Mr. Foo Jiong Kit, currently working in Sime Darby, talking on the leadership qualities needed in career development
* Past exchange participants story sharing

Everyone has their own unique style of self-leadership, just like every animal in Zootopia has their own special set of characters, yet we are still able to live together no matter how diverse our backgrounds are, and caring for the World we live in - that is what makes us Global Citizens.

Find your journey with Leadertopia and get to know more about our Global Citizen Programme on how you can care for the World!

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single hopp."

Registration is open! Sign up for Leadertopia now! :D

Event Highlights

7.00- 7.30pm Registration

7.30- 7.40pm Arrival of Guest of Honour

8.10- 8.30pm Session by Corporates

8.30- 8.50pm "Developing the Leader in You" - Session by TFM

8.50- 9.10pm What AIESEC Does

9.20- 9.35pm Exchange Participant's Sharing

9.35- 9.45pm Project Showcasing


Wednesday, March 23rd, 7pm

Dewan Kuliah 3, Blok U, Engineering Faculty

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Programs offered by Teach for Malaysia

Excerpt for Fellowship Programme

A fully paid, full time two-year Leadership Development Programme where Fellows develop their leadership skills through teaching in underprivileged environments and addressing challenges their students are facing by either running a community project, commenting on a policy or writing a research paper.

Fellows will have an opportunity to be part of a network of talented young future leaders collaborating to be the change they want to see in the classroom. Join us now by putting an application here!

Upcoming deadline: 2nd May 2016

Final deadline: 4th July 2016

Want to know more? Reach out to liying.fam@teachformalaysia.org if you want to obtain more information or schedule a time to speak to us

Excerpt for Campus Leader Programme

Teach For Malaysia is constantly looking for driven and enthusiastic individuals like you to act as our Campus Leaders on college and university campuses nationwide and abroad. Campus Leaders will have the unique opportunity to be part of an exciting non-profit organisation working towards solving education inequity while developing various skill sets that will be valuable assets, while playing a key role in recruiting the most promising future leaders. Find out more about Campus Leaders here

and apply to be a Campus Leader here


Feel free to reach out to liying.fam@teachformalaysia.org if you want to obtain more information or schedule a time to speak to us

Excerpt for Internship Programme

We are looking for interns to join us in this movement of change! Beyond qualifications, we need someone who shares our vision and mission and is aligned with our Core Values: Sense of Possibility,

Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity. There are a number of Functions in which interns can be a part of in order to achieve the mission of

Teach For Malaysia such as Talent Acquisition, Communications, Partnership Development and also Strategy & Operations. Interns are able to explore their potential to be more competent and holistic leaders by contributing to these Functions.

Want to learn more? Read our job descriptions here or obtain more information by emailing mailto:internship@teachformalaysia.org