Literary Analysis Reading

By: Michael Atkiels

Literary Analysis

Literary Analysis in reading is a simple topic that can help elevate the writers influence in a topic. First we cannot simply go into the topic of Literary Analysis in reading so let's explore the meaning of Literary Analysis as a whole. Literary Analysis is a style of reading and writing papers that makes you think why the piece was written and what devices were used to persuade a point/topic. Examples of the reading skills used are (Allegory, Character, Connotation).

Small Example

When reading pieces of literature you should always look for a hidden meaning or ideas presented behind a wall of a plot/ story. Now lets try and example of the well known movie and comic books series X-men. X-men might seem like an action packed superhero tale at its base but the core topic shows a story of discrimination. Now with the knowledge of knowing what the literary analysis is at its core you can see many of your favorite stories may have secret or hidden topics and views placed throughout the story. This means the story is used to persuade the views in the side of the x-men or in this case the victims discrimination.


Literary analysis and reading is an important skill to see hidden messages in stories. The author generally implements these hidden messages to try to persuade the reader, or to add more depth to their story. Many authors use certain characters or events that relate to things that have happened in real life to make those characters or events more relatable to the reader.