Major Figures during the Civil War

By Callie, Morgan, Weston, Christopher

Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis refused to get a Parton Davis moved to Mississippi where he spent time writing. He was born June 3,1808 In 1847 he became a senator but resigned in 1851. He went back to being a senator from 1853 to 1857. He often spoke in favor of slavery and states' right. He died December 6,1889 In1835 Davis married but his wife died only three months later

Abe Lincon

Abe Lincon was born in Kentucky on Feburay 12,1809. Although he came from an undistinguished family, Lincon worked hard to received an education . He was extremely ambitious and received a law degree. In 1860 he became president. He married Mary Todd and had four children. On Friday April 14,1865 Abe Lincon was assassinated.

Civil War Leaders