Women's Roles


Background Information/Problem

Women in Africa have not had rights for the longest of times. They have been and are being sexually and verbally abused by their own fathers and husbands from arranged marriages. Most people aren't aware of the problem, but there are some organizations that are being formed in order to help these women and their children, if they have any.

Solution to the problem

Many people have been and are becoming aware of this problem, Therefore, they are slowly but surely forming organizations in order to help women and their abusive situation. A well known leader is Rainatou Sow. She has been an activist since the age of 12, and was a bystander of a woman being abused by her own husband and decided to start and organization in order to help women who are being mistreated this way. She has been and is being the voice of many women. Women's rights aren't going to be solved over night, but with help of people like Rainatou Sow, they will slowly but surely start to progress.