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December 14, 2015

Let's talk Literacy

Renee has been curating some awesome reader's and writer's workshop resources for us. Don't miss her blog posts!

This week her post included a great structure for your small group time.

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Additionally, does your writer's workshop need a refresh in the new year? Be sure to review the PowerPoint Renee emailed out from their session. It has great, straightforward ideas that can transfer into your classroom immediately.

She also provides links to other teacher expects. Here are a few:

Kindergarten Examples

First Grade

2nd Grade

Julie Ballew 3rd - 5th Examples

It includes some questions to ask during conferences.

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Seriously! If Renee sends out a resource, there's a good chance you don't want to miss it!!!

Guided Reading and Math Support

Many of you received feedback on your small group plans this week. What we are looking for is intentionality in your small group instruction. What is the specific deficit that a child has in the continuum of learning content and how do you plan to address that deficit. Below are two great resources for determining the order in which deficits should be addressed. Additionally, please communicate with Jennifer, Rene, and Christina for support in the planning or the implementation process.

Math: http://www.numeracycontinuum.com/continuum-chart

Reading: the pic below

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Friday Early Release Schedule

Spirit Rally - Will start calling learners to the office at 8am.

Lunch Schedule-

10:15 Kinder

10:35 1st

10:55 2nd

11:15 3rd

11:35 4th

11:55 5th

Dismissal - 12:50 pm

Special areas teachers will be providing a quick restroom and drink break for classroom teachers throughout the day.

Please send kids to the lost and found to check for missing items.

Pictures with Santa Schedule

Pictures with Santa are Tuesday, December 15th.


Kinder– 8:30-9:00

1st – 9:00-9:30

2nd – 9:30-10:00

Santa’s Break (10:00-10:30)

3rd – 10:30-11:00

4th – 11:00-11:30

5th – 11:30- 12:00

Monday Folders and Parent Communication

Please remember that fliers are sent home in the Monday folders. If you have a flier that needs to go home, please plan accordingly.

Also, a tip for commuincating with parents... (Thanks to the SBDM committee for the idea!)

Put the most important information in the body of the email. Attach your newsletter expecting that only people who want more/additional information will read it. Then at least your most important info is {hopefully} received.

PS...We know you don't always read the smore...but DO IT ;)

Math Update from Mary Kemper

K - 2 MOY Mathematics Universal Screeners: All learners in grades K – 2 will take the TEMI–PM Form B – Winter. Link to more information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K2r6EeWd2mmEHRK9xu-b88VLEa9L0Uu5iW_LnRVtKtE/edit?usp=sharing The results will be entered by educators into Eduphoria/Aware.

3 – 5 MOY Mathematics Universal Screeners: All learners in grades 3 – 5 will take a locally-developed CISD Screener. Similar to the Grade 3 Math Alternate Screener, the length of the test will be 10 questions in length and some questions will be given in small/whole group setting and the rest in one-on-one setting. The results will be entered by educators into Eduphoria/Aware.

According to the CISD Testing Calendar (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t-I-qTLhRMq6E4okhx0bQDfDelunnHO-_2GPnn99WcY/edit?usp=sharing) the window for MOY testing is January 20 – February 10.

Holiday Cheer for You!!! xo

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Holiday Fun!!!

If your team prepares a song (just as we did last year) and performs it at the party on Thursday, you will receive a week of jeans passes :)

Pop and Posts are due Friday...

Reminder: You might want to do your pop and post early in the week in order for it to be as useful as possible :)

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

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