Everything HON and PTK

Service, Leadership, and Social Engagement

Meetings and General Information

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Honors Club Meetings: 1st and 3rd Fridays in RV 170 on DTC. The 1st Friday of every month is from 10-11:30. The 3rd Friday of every month is from 10 to noon. (during the academic year)

All-USA and JKC Scholarship Sessions: The first Friday of every month from 12-1 in RV 170 on DTC. Prep for these major scholarships! (during the academic year)

PTK Meetings: 1st and 3rd Fridays from 2-4 in RV 170 on DTC. The 1st Friday is the business meeting. The 3rd Friday is the planning meeting. (during the academic year)

Connect with HON and PTK:

HON Facebook: facebook.com/pimahonors

HON Instagram: @pima_honors

PTK Facebook: https://facebook.com/abcptk

Register for HON/HC Classes

  • To register for HON or HC classes: 1) go to the online schedule of classes; 2) click on advanced search; 3) check the box "All Honors Courses" in the right column and hit search.

  • Our HON/HC offerings include: HON 101, HON 210, HON 244, HON 280, HON 296, BIO 100HC, BIO 105HC, BIO 127HC, BIO 181HC, BIO 182HC, ECN 150HC, ECN 201HC, ECN 202HC, HIS 101HC, HIS 102HC, HIS 141HC, HIS 142HC, LIT 261HC, LIT 289HC, MAT 220HC, MAT 231HC, PSY 101HC, SPA 101HN, SPA 102HN, WRT 101HC, WRT 102HC

HON/PTK Study Rooms

There are study rooms for Pima Honors students on several campuses. You must have a current sticker to reserve the room. These rooms are open to anyone if they are not reserved by or being used by Pima Honors students. For details or questions, contact Dr. Vorndran at kvorndran@pima.edu. For stickers, contact your campus Honors Coordinator.

Campus Honors Coordinators: Dr. Emily Churilla, DV; Dr. Kristina Beckman, DTC; Kyley Segers, EC; Dr. Ken Vorndran, NW + Lead; Amy Davis, Pima Online; Frankie Rollins, WC.

Service and Leadership

Community Support:

  • Casa Maria: Is open 7 days a week and feeds close to 600 people each day. Make bag lunches from 8:30-11:30. Stay as long as you are able; help one time a month or multiple times. (year round)

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Event: A daylong event to support survivors of domestic violence and to raise awareness about it. (fall only)

  • Febru-wellness: Help accomplish the goal of promoting health and wellness to students! (every February)

  • Habitat for Humanity: Help build a house! No experience necessary! (fall and spring)

  • Himmel Park: Help clean up Himmel Park, which we have officially adopted, the last Saturday of every month. (year round)

  • Light the Night Walk: A walk to fund research into lymphoma. (fall only)

  • PACC: Walk dogs. Great for animal lovers. Every other Sunday at PACC on Silverbell Road. (year round; temporarily on hiatus)

  • POW WOW: The first Saturday of every month November through May on NW Campus. Distribute fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste.

  • RISE for Homeless Vets: Resources, information, services, and education event for the homeless. We will be distribute necessary items. Businesses, organizations, community members, and Pima programs provide food, hair cuts, and other services, etc. (spring only)

  • RISE Homeless Drive: Collect necessary items for homeless vets. Ongoing throughout the year.

  • Ronald McDonald House: Cook, serve dinner, and be company for families using the Ronald McDonald House in Tucson. (fall and spring)

  • The VA Hospital: Help with VA activities. (fall and spring)

Education, Mentoring, Training:

  • Edge Charter HS: Work with teens in a credit recovery high school. They need math and writing tutors to work in classrooms with teachers. (fall and spring)

  • Goodwill Metro Tutoring: Work with marginalized teens, tutoring and mentoring them. You can also set up your own schedule with Goodwill Metro. Training required. (fall and spring)

  • Pima Partnership: Mentor middle and high school students. Pima Partnership has a priogram set up. All you have to do is plug in. (fall and spring)

  • Science Ed. Programs: Help improve science education in Tucson, including Butterfield Elementary STEM Club. Share your passion for science! Work with STEM students on cool experiments, projects, and science fairs! (fall and spring)

  • High School Visits: Visit high schools with us and talk about your experiences in Pima Honors. Ongoing throughout the year.

Social Activities with HON, PTK & Others

  • Awards Ceremony: Each May, HON and PTK celebrate our students and everything they have accomplished.

  • AZHC: Pima Honors is part of the Arizona State Honors Council, which provides a connection between all the in-state programs/colleges, and offers students a chance to professionalize themselves. (fall and spring)

  • Curiosity Symposia: Participants share their thoughts, feeling, and experiences on a variety of topics to co-create an engaging evening. (fall and spring)

  • Emerging Leaders Summit: Student Life offers leadership training. Sessions include Leadership Principles, Communication, Goal Setting, Group Dynamics, Creating Change/Action Planning, Digital Identity, Time Management, and Health & Wellness. Free for Pima students. Pima Honors encourages any students serious about taking on leadership roles to attend. (fall and spring)

  • Fun and Recreation: HON and PTK have hosted bowling nights, movie nights, game nights, and other fun recreational activities.

  • Golingo (Language Partners): Develop or practice your English, Spanish, French, or Mandarin in a relaxed and friendly setting! Weekly during the fall and spring. Now in partnership with Duo Lingo.

  • Holiday Party: At the end of each fall semester, HON/PTK hosts a holiday party after finals.

  • HON/PTK Picnic: The weekend after finals in the spring at Reid Park at one of the ramadas. Celebrate the end of the semester and the start of summer! Friends and family are welcome! It's a potluck, so bring a dish to share! We will provide water. No alcohol please!

  • Inside Scoop: A chance to have eegees and ice cream and meet with students and professors from different majors at the UA. Done in collaboration with UA Honors and UA Transfer. (spring only)

  • TED and Tacos: Enjoy TED Talks, conversation with your HON peers, and tacos. (fall and spring)

  • WRHC: Pima Honors often takes students to the Western Regional Honors Conference to present their research with other graduate and undergraduate students. (spring only)

Honors College Connections

  • ASU Barrett Honors: Visits Pima Honors every fall, and we take a trip to Barrett and/or ASU West in the spring.

  • NAU: Visits with Pima Honors every fall.

  • UA Honors and UA Transfer: Meet with Pima Honors students in the fall and the spring. UA Transfer offers its services and social opportunities to Pima students throughout the academic year.

  • UA Eller College of Management: Reaches out to Pima Honors students during the fall and spring application processes.

PTK Specific Activities

  • The College Project is selected every year in conjunction with Pima's administration.

  • Honors in Action Project: Each year the chapter selects a service project, researches what needs to be done, and takes action.

  • PTK Orientations: Take place each fall and spring. Learn about PTK and what we do.

  • PTK Induction Ceremony: Takes place each spring. A beautiful formal ceremony to welcome new members.

  • PTK Regional, State, and National Events: Travel to regional, state, and national events. Learn about leadership and be in community with other PTK members throughout the nation. Lots of fun! Lots of energy! Lots of learning!

For More Information

Or if you have ideas you'd like to share, contact Dr. Vorndran at kvorndran@pima.edu.

Pima Honors is a vibrant, growing community. We hope you join us, share in our classes and activities, and make us even better with the strengths you bring!