Motivational Poster

By Lauren Morel

Is motivation mostly internal or external and why?

Motivation can really make a person or group of people accomplish something greater. Whether it is small or large motivation plays a huge role in many peoples decisions and work habits. Motivation is mostly internal for many reasons. Besides the competition portion that can be external it is also able to be seen as internal. You may find yourself questioning the options and the reasons for it being internal are that when given a task or a challenge that could involve a competition you want to do anything and everything to win. In your mind you are thinking " I have to win! I can't lose to him/her! I will be a loser" so you push yourself to do the best you can do. Another reason motivation is internal is because you don't want to live with the thought that you could have done better. You don't want to disappoint yourself. You could enjoy the activity and that drives you to have internal motivation because it is something you like and enjoy. If you go for a run to decrease your stress levels or write an article on something you feel strongly about, both of those are internally run by motivation because it is something that solely benefits you and something you enjoy doing. When you do something solely for your pleasure or excitement, it is internal motivation that causes you to do so.
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