The Dollhouse Murders

The Mysteries of the Dollhouse

By:Betty Ren Wright

Dollhouse Muders

The Dollhouse Murders is a book about dolls that come to life to try and tell the story of the murder of Grandma and Grandpa Trealor. Aunt Clare (the grandchild of Grandma and Grandpa Trealor) thinks that she is responsible for the death of her grandparents because she thinks her fiance Tom killed them but when her niece Amy comes to visit her for the week she solves the mystery that has been a mystery for years and unmasks the real killer

Grandpa Trealor

Grandpa Trealor was shot by a man who wanted damanded more money from the Trealor's but didn't get any more money, so he decided the only way to hurt them was to kill them

Try It

Grandpa Trealor was in his bed when a man walked in room, the man raised a gun, BANG Grampa Trealor was dead. While Grandma Trealor was on her way back to the room she heard the gun shot and ran to grab her grandson then put him into a closet so he could hide there, then she ran into there book room and pushed something against the door but man was to strong.

Read to find out the mysteries of the dollhouse

  • who will solve the murder case
  • is the dollhouse haunted
  • who is the killer
  • did Tom (aunt Clare's fiance) kill Grandma and Grandpa Trealor