Candy Ville

By Delaney, Chelsey

Welcome to Candy Ville

Welcome To Candyville!!! We have a lot of different stuff to do for all ages. You will find this on the Artic Ocean. It looks like a bunch of candy. We also have shopping for the grown-up's, and a lot of fun stuff for the kids like. For the laddies we got candy shops and for the men, m&ms and the Green bay Nerds will play football. And like every other vaction there is a poop for the kids, and a spa and hotud right next to the pool.

If you like to hike you are welcomed to come and hile on the rocky montons. there are trails you can follow, and a great feture of yummy candy. when you are down there you you will see a bunch of different animals, like peeps, cholate bunnies and a bunch more.

There are spas and restrants and a bunch more inclouding fun stuff for the family. You can swim, eat, shop, or watch the game. this is a family fun resort. If you are having a bad day we will send you a free candy bastket, a movie, and some pizza for you and the family to finish the night.

Inthis resort you can will have an opption of houses to chosh from. thay are all made out of candy, so you can have a bit. Be sure to brush your teeth in the morning and night, because we do not carry dentis

Delaney and Chelsey