Come Join us on Neptune!!

2013 Annual Olympic Kite Flying Competition!!

Spend a day on Neptune! It will be the best 16 hours of your life!

Warning: This event is for extreme kite flyers only that can withstand 1,240 mph winds and there will be NO WATER available to quench your thirst.

Afraid of getting made fun of for your strange interest in Kite Flying? Don't be! Your 4.4 Billion kilometers away from earth!

*This is a judgment free zone! You may look 10-20 pounds heavier but no one will judge because they will look that way too!

Don't forget to order your body suit and helmet!

Make sure that your body suit and helmet that you choose to buy is specially equipped with oxygen and good fabric that can withstand hydrogen, helium methane ammonia, ice and freezing weather as low as -360 degrees Fahrenheit or -218 degrees Celsius.

Extreme Kite Flying!!

When: Thursday, June 13th, 9:00 AM

Where: Neptune, all over the planet that is 49,500 km in diameter and is 24,622 km in radius.

By: Mikayla Stoy