The Greendell Gosling Flyer-29th Ed

May 24, 2021

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Dear Greendell Families,

Over the last couple of weeks, our Greendell classes have been releasing the butterflies they watched transform from tiny caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. It made me think about all of the progress our children have made this year and how they are moving on to their new classes soon. They are ready for their next steps, even if us grownups aren't quite ready to see them go! I have loved watching their amazing growth and I celebrate their learning, but I sure will miss our students and their families. So don't forget to visit us at Greendell, we enjoy seeing our Greendell graduates!

I wish you all a wonderful summer break!

Principal Shannon

Final English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) Meeting - This Tuesday, May 25th

Please join Rachel Kim, the English Language Teacher, for our last ELAC meeting tomorrow. The first half of the meeting will consist of a presentation by Melody Tehrani, who is a Sr. librarian for PA. The latter half will be briefly going over the EL program, RFEP process, checking for ELPAC scores, and resources/strategies to help EL students at home.

Date: Tuesday, May 25th

Time: 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Meeting ID: 951 0258 1123

Link to the Zoom meeting:

Link to Survey (optional):

Mark Your Calendars!

There will be no school on Monday, May 31st, in observance of Memorial Day.

School resumes on Tuesday, June 1st.

The Last Day of School is Thursday, June 3rd and a District Wide Minimum Day

Greendell/FYDL Social Emotional Survey Results

Thank you to all of the families who participated in the end of year Social Emotional Survey for our Greendell and FYDL programs. And a huge thank you to our Greendell School Site Council for their dedication to making Social Emotional Learning a priority for our school.

The results show a great deal of progress in a few short months! Below is a summary of what families reported about their children's Social Emotional Learning.

Survey Questions with Overall Positive Responses

The majority of families that took the survey reported that their children:

  • Use increasingly descriptive vocabulary to describe emotions

  • Can easily join in play and/or conversation with peers

  • Use appropriate greetings for social context

  • Understand feelings based on facial expression/body language/tone of voice

  • Express pride in self and others

  • Enjoy school!

Areas Where Families Reported Improvement

More families in the end of year survey reported their child was:

  • Using words that help rather than hurt in conflict situations

  • Checking in with others and taking responsibility for actions (i.e."redo" a hurtful moment)

  • Using a calming strategy when experiencing upset emotions

  • Sticking with challenges when frustrated or upset

  • Trying to work out problems with positive communication

  • Reaching out to peers during activities

Areas Where Additional Practice and Support May Still Be Needed

Families indicated their children may require more support:

  • Using a calm tone of voice and facial expression in emotional situations

  • Using strategies to calm self and refocus when overly excited

  • Not using negative behavior when feeling upset

  • Because they are exhibiting signs of worry or anxiety

  • Talking to parents about positive and negative feelings

School News Roll Call - May 2021 Edition

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PreSchool Family Registration for 2021-2022

Fall enrollment continues for Greendell Families who are interested in joining our PreSchool Family (PSF) program!

PreSchool Family will be offering classes this Fall for families with newborns to 4 year olds.

To register for PSF classes please follow this link.