Do You Love Orangutans?

This beloved creature is endangered and needs our help!

Rank and Population

Orangutans are both critically endangered and endangered. There are 48,500 left altogether with 41,000 Bornean and 7,500 for the Sumatran species. Babies are being smuggled, many of them are captured for circuses and zoos. There is illegal hunting, but the most affective problem is habitat loss. People are chopping down trees for lumber and agriculture space, but there are many things you can do.

What can You do?

Many people are trying to secure the orangutan's habitats and stop illegal hunting. WWF is showing great help by helping to rescue trafficked orangutans, and they are a great example to follow. If you really want to help and you go and see them, be careful, because if you disturb them they will make as much noise as possible!

Predators and Prey

Orangutans are omnivores, which means that they eat fruits, nuts, shoots, bark, and soil. They also occasionally eat insects and eggs though. Their predators are leopards and tigers.

Fun Facts

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