Nick Eagan's Science Class 2016

Get ready to learn what I learned in this unit for science!

Introduction to Science 6

Introduction to Science 6 Unit

In our first unit for science in 6th grade, we got to do very fun and interesting activities in science. One of the most interesting was looking at items like salt, the letter E, and sand under the microscope. That was very interesting because we got to look at it at 400x bigger than it is than looking at it with just your eye! That's pretty cool if you ask me. Although, my favorite lab has to be Mr. Shafer's beach towel. I liked it so much because we had to try and find out where Mr. Shafer went surfing over the summer. That was cool because we had to look at 4 different sand samples and try and see wich ones looked alike so that we could find out where Mr. Shaver went surfing! He ended up surfing at the very pretty Vietnam. Besides that, this year we got to learn how to tell and read longitude and latitude. That is what we have done so far this year in science 6.

My Favorite Lab

As I told you in the last paragraph, my favorite lab was Mr. Shavers beach towel. But, I also had a lot of fun during the who Microscope Unit. It was one of my favorite activities because looking under a microscope at salt is in fact very interesting. Even looking at the letter E under the microscope was interesting! That is my favorite activity or lab so far in this year in science!

Nick Eagan

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