Paul Bunyan

By: Harrison Zhu

Fact 1

Paul Bunyan was a giant lumberjack popularized by William B. Laughead.

Fact 2

His main partner was Babe the Blue Ox, a gigantic ox comparable to Paul Bunyan's proportions.

Fact 3

The tale of Paul Bunyan originated from Northern loggers.

Characteristics of Folk Tales

Stereotypical traits: Many people correlate being large to strength. For example, professional boxers and many movers are large and muscular in order to demonstrate their strength. As well, many lumberjacks are large and strong, so Paul Bunyan shows this characteristic well.

Conflicts: In Paul Bunyan: The Giant Lumberjack, mosquitoes are present. Bunyan and his lumberjack partners fought off the mosquitoes with sticks, but Bunyan went to extremes and brought bees to combat the mosquitoes. Unfortunately, the bees and the mosquitoes intermarried and created worse insects. Fortunately, since the bugs craved sweets, they swarmed a fleet of ships bringing sugar to Paul's camp. The mosquitoes got so fat that they couldn't fly and Bunyan used two mosquitoes to drill holes in maple trees.

Human foolishness: Paul Bunyan also had a camp pet. One day, one of Paul's partners accidentally cut Sport the Reversible Dog in half with an axe. In haste to repair this, they sewed Spot up quickly before realizing that the dog was with back legs in the air. This didn't bother Sport, though. He played until his front legs were too tired to play and then flopped around with his bottom legs.