2nd Grade Superstars!

Mrs. Pollack's Class - Week of September 28, 2015


Monday - Math 2-5 & Read 10 minutes
Tuesday - Math 2-6 & Read 10 minutes

Wednesday - Math 2-7 & Read 10 minutes
Thursday - Math 2-8, Study spelling words & Read 10 minutes

What's New This Week?

Language Arts

This week we begin Journeys Lesson 3 in Language Arts. Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon is our main story selection, and our Essential Question this lesson is “Why might an author write a story?” Target skills this week are author's purpose, long vowels a, i, sounds for c, and fluency accuracy. Our writing concept this lesson is Write to Narrate: Sentences That Describe.

Friday Friendly Letter

The children have been working on writing friendly letters. We are really excited to start our first Friday Friendly Letter (FFL). Each Friday, the children will be writing a letter to their family and they will bring it home Friday afternoon. Family members will be required to write a small letter back in the same composition book - right underneath the original letter, and send it back in on Monday. Sorry parents, you have a little bit of homework each weekend. The children are very excited to start writing and receiving letters! Like I said, it can be a small letter. I know how busy weekends can get! I started this with my own son in his school and he is so excited to get my letter on Mondays! Also, you will have an amazing keepsake at the end of the school year! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Words of the Week List #3

cake mine plate size ate grape prize wipe race line pile rake gave bike
Challenge words: mistake while

Spelling test on Friday!

Our spelling focus this week is words with long vowels a and i. Word lists can be found on our classroom website along with a link to the website Spelling City. This website is a great resource for your child with fun spelling games and practice tests using their word list. We also visit this website frequently during our Friday computer specials.


ENVISIONS MATH - This week we continue working on addition strategies found in Topic 2. Some math questions you may want to ask your child are:

* What are addends? (the numbers that are being added)

* What do you call the answer for an addition problem? (the sum)

* Can 3 digit numbers be added in any order? (yes, the sum will always be the same))

* What are some clue words that tell you to add to solve the problem? (in all, altogether)

First in Math news - this program has been ordered again for this year and we are waiting to receive student usernames and passwords at this time. We will be sure to keep you updated once this program becomes available!

November Conferences Reminder

Just a reminder to sign up for your child's November conference if you haven't already:



  • Please sign your child’s homework book each night. Thank you!

Important Dates

10/14 - Early dismissal at 12:15

10/26 - Skating party at The Palace 6:30 - 8:30

September Birthdays

9/25 - Happy Birthday Trisha!

RHE Home and School Association News

Please join our RHE Home and School Association! Your membership helps to fund special events for our RHE students like awesome assemblies and field trips! You will also receive access to an online directory and discounts to Rolling Hills H&S events! http://www.rhhsa.org/store.html

Home & School Soft Pretzel Sale - Pretzel purchases can only be made by prepaying this year.The cost is $18 for the entire year. For more information and to prepay please use this link: http://www.rhhsa.org/store.html You may also pay by check made out to RHHSA.