Global Warming

and it's effects

What is it?

A term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and its oceans.

How widespread is it?

Global warming affects all of the United States and the whole world because it is a part of the atmosphere. It is caused by peoples cars, fossil fuel usage, and other factors. This will cause a hole in the atmosphere and let the suns rays shine brighter/harder onto the Earth's surface.

Advantages and Disadvantages


- using cars allows us to have faster mobile transports

- working in factories allows us to produce things faster than by hand

- using fossil fuels to power homes and businesses


- causes a hole in the ozone layer which lets in heat from the sun

- makes the earth's surface hotter which melts the polar ice caps

- makes the oceans rise causing flooding of the land

How does it effect the ecosystem?

Global warming effects the ecosystem by making the atmosphere and the Earth's surface hotter. This causes the ice caps to melt, oceans to rise, and habitats to be destroyed.

Who does it effect?

Global warming effects both plants and animals for various reasons. It effects plants because if the temperature is too hot outside, it could cause the plant to burn up and wilt or die to lack of water. It effects animals because animals that live in cold areas will become warm and it will be unsuitable for them and animals that live in warm areas will be overcrowded with other animals and have to compete causing extinction.

How could this be stopped?

Global warming could be stopped if we stopped using gas powered cars and switched over to electric cars. Another thing we could reduce is limit the use of fossil fuels to make power and start using windmills. We could also stop mass producing things in factories and start making them by hand again or using electric powered machines.
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Why is it important to stop?

This is important to be taken care of because if it's not taken care of, the worlds surface will become too hot to live on and plants, animals, and even humans will begin to die out. The Earth will be unsuitable for all living things because it will be too hot for them to live on and we won't have any other place to go.

Physical Model

There should be a physical model of the effect of global warming on the ice caps. The model should be to the side and show a before and after effect on the ice caps