Life Before the Constitution

3 Different People

Life as a southern Planter

My name is Bob white. I live in Virginia. I am a tobacco planter. My life is very easy because my whole family is very very wealthy.. All of my wealth depends on the salves. Slaves do all the hardest work. They planet harvest, dry, pack and load the tobacco to get it off for sale. Time to time one of my slaves with run away and i or my family would have to send a slave catch. I cannot stand the bankers because they wont lend me any more money to buy more slaves and land. I hope that the bank can lend me some money so me and my family can stay rich and so we can have some land and more slaves to control.

Life as an enslaved African american

My name is Nixie Joy. I am only 10. Everybody in my family is enslaved just like me. We all live on a tobacco plantation in Virginia. The year of 1787. In the declaration of independence it stated that all men are created equal. And yet because my skin is black and i was born a slave means that i will and always remain a slave. I cannot stand that fact that the declaration of independence stated such a thing and i am still living a horrible life. My life as a slave is very harsh. I barely have an shelter or food and water. I am under a constant control of my master. Even though i would enjoy being free i would have to start from scratch i would be a poor farmer, even worse off than those farmers up north who are being thrown in jail because they cant pay their debts or their taxes.

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Life as a worker

My name is Jerry bay. I am a shoemaker that lives in Manchester, new Hampshire. I work in a small shop where i get paid according to the number of shoes i make. I have my won tools. Time are starting to get hard right now I had to go into debt $50 dollars to buy my tools when i went into this line of work right after the revolutionary war ended. In 1786 my state legislature voted to stop issuing paper money. There is very less more money then there was. I cannot charge as much as i want to for my shoes because people cant buy at the old high prices anymore. After everything that is going on a man who lent me money is hounding me and threatening to take me to court if i don't pay him back ASAP. To be honest, i really cant stand